42 – Not the answer to Life, Universe and Everything…

Randy’s Ramblings 21st July 2010
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* Catch Up
* Last Chance
* New Things ;)
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* Catch Up

Where to start this week?
I guess I should explain the subject line…lol

For those old enough to remember … there was a TV series called ‘The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy’
(I believe the did a remake of it as a film – but I’ve not seen it)

Anyways – In it the Mice (who really ran the universe), Came to the conclusion after a millenia of research, that the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything was 42 !

Well – the 42 I’m referring to isn’t anything to do with that!

But ever since being a teenager and seeing the series, I can’t seem to get that silly quote out of my mind – whenever 42 is mentioned I have to quote that it’s the answer to Life the Universe and Everything!

And it’s amazing how many people smile knowingly….haha!

The 42 I’m referring to though is
How many downloads did members get this for August on my
http://www.MoreMonthly.com site

Yep – even if they were all bought for a tiny $10 – that would sure add up! But members get the lot for their $14 subscription!

BTW – Note to members… I’ve added this months downloads :)
There are the usual 16 on the main page – plus 26 in the forum bonus section ;)

So do pop along even if you just fancy joining for a month to grab so many downloads for $14

Right that’s that bit done….
In other news – Cameron was great as a gangster in Bugsy Malone.
And now he has his last week at school… and come September he’ll be in ‘big’ school… frightening!
Rachels girls will finally be both full time in school then too! (Her youngest is only there half days at the mo in nursery school)

Life moves on quick doesn’t it?
Hey – and nowhere quicker than in the IM scene!!

I can’t believe how many launches I’ve seen and been invited to promote this last week! – It’s hardly any wonder that so many people don’t make any money online! …. I’ve got next to nothing done myself just from ‘spending’ so much time checking out so many launches.

So much so that I think I’ll pass on promoting or even mentioning most of them – Honestly, there are a plenty of products and courses worth grabbing – but you don’t need them all!

If you study what you have and take serious and consistent action you should be able to make some ca$h before you have to invest anymore.

With that said – I’ll mention a couple of links to check or go back to, and then I’m sending this out without getting into the rest of the latest must haves… otherwise we’d never have time to take action!

So come on – check what you have, take a look at the ones below, and then decide what you need to move yourself forwards…If you already have it – then it’s time to put it into action!
If not – then reply and tell me what you need – or check the links below and see if they can help you.

Nuff Said ;)



* Last Chance

Ian’s Retirement sale is ending very soon (today!!)

If you haven’t had a look please do:
There are so many very useful products and applications included, as well as some very cool bonuses from Ian friends (myself included)...

So pop along to:

And have a close look at what’s included for Ian to go out with a bang :)
I bet there are more than $67 of value in the actual bits you would use this week, never mind the useful stuff that it’ll stop you having to buy in the future ;)


* New Things ;)

Firstly – Don’t forget Daniel Wagners new blueprint coaching program
Well worth checking out if only to grab over $500 of free reports just for taking a risk free test drive :)


Next – Grab this Free MASSIVE report

Millionaiore Profit Secrets:

Read the Exact Steps Mark took when he got out of Jail to now earning $15k a month
(all in the last 6 months!)

I’ve met Mark and spoken to him at length… so don’t panic!
He’s not a killer or anything real bad – he just made some bad judgement calls… But he’s making the right choices now, and profiting well from it.



One more for today ;)

My great friend Omar Martin has updated the payment methods to get his ISFN CD for just the P&P
He had 800 available, but I’m a bit slow getting the info out…duh
Hopefully you can still grab one as it’s a great course for newbies (I guess that’s why he called it Internet Selling For Newbies)...lol

Anyone starting an online business nowadays gets hit right between the eyes almost immediately with dozens if not hundreds of methods and tactics.
Sadly, they try too many, quickly lose focus and become frustrated and miserable.

Has this happened to you? Yet?
(that’s why I’m not mentioning most of what I’m been asked to this week!)

Well….  here’s a cure for information overload...

These guys are pro’s. I mean top notch experts at online selling and they’ve come out with some simple lessons that ANYONE can follow straight to online success.
Better yet…  they put them on a Cd-Rom and they will ship them right to your door if you are one of the first 800 people to ask them for it!
NO Charge for the Cd-Rom by the way (just postage)
(Pretty cool ehh?)
Go grab yours now:

I already have mine and have looked right through it…AND – I was very pleased that Omar mentioned
as a quality, but affordable alternative to the big company most usually recommend due to the higher commissions!
That in itself shows he wants to help newbies, and not just make money.
(Do note that you will be offered a trial to a magazine – but it’s ‘optional’ – so be sure to read and check the boxes etc. ;)



* Sign Off

Well I think that’s plenty for this week… (I hope you’re having a great one)
Don’t forget to keep reading (scroll down) for other offers and freebies you might have missed ;)

****As ever – only spend your ca$h on things that WILL help you
(Not the stuff that Might One Day!)****

Til next time
To You and Yours,

Here’s hoping you’re
Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards

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  3. Jacinta Dean, 25 July, 2010

    Hi Randy,

    What a massive blog post! I made it down the whole page Happy Dance.

    I really like your honest approach to your reviews and as you know I value your recommendations. Have to check a few of these ones out, although I have made myself a promise no more purchases until the credit card is paid off!! Better get a selling so I can spend more money! :lol:

    More Monthly is awesome! Love Love Love the downloads each month and Love Love Love the forum. I have met some amazing friendly helpful people in there.

    Had better get back to blog hopping. See you back here soon! :cool:


    Jacinta :D

  4. Randy Smith, 25 July, 2010

    Hi Jacinta,

    Thanks for stopping by :)
    Glad you’re liking the forum – it’s a great place to make some great friends and find all the help we need…..
    And yeah – get some of those downloads on a site and start selling…lol


  5. Mandy Allen, 27 July, 2010

    Hi Randy, I will never understand why people are so averse to paying for the postage when they are getting such great products free of charge! Omar’s offer is fabby!

    Enjoy the journey.


  6. John McNally, 05 August, 2010

    Loved the post Randy. 8)

    I’m a Douglas Adams fan so I use “42” quite a lot. One of my blog categories is “Life, the Universe and Everything”.

    There was a UK pop group in the ’80s called “Level 42″, but I don’t remember how they got the name (It wasn’t from ‘Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy’).

    UK Health & Safety regulations stipulate no ladder should be more than 42 degrees from a wall.

    My favourite 42 is from Alice in Wonderland. When Alice is in the court and takes a growth pill, the judge says “Rule 42. Anyone over a mile high should leave the court.”

    I know your blog is called “Randy’s Ramblings”, but how’s that for a ramble? ;-)


  7. Randy Smith, 05 August, 2010

    Fascinating John,

    I hadn’t realised there was so many ’42’ connections!!

    Good stuff :)


  8. Susan Carter@geek golf, 17 August, 2011

    Awesome post Randy! A lot of recommendations.. Although this post is a little old, I would like to try them. I believe your recommendations are worth trying since you have tried them yourself. Appreciate you in sharing this post.

    Best Regards,

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