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Randy’s Ramblings 8th June 2013

Here’s your Staurday email with the HotPage
to the free weekend download below :)

Si is driving across the country today
(leaving one seaside resort where he lives
to visit another on the other side of the
UK for his family vacation?) .. lol

We’re not camping this weekend, as Betsie the
camper is booked in to the garage for some work
next week, But I’m sure we’ll still enjoy the
weather and have some time away from home if
only for day visits :)

Meanwhile – I’m pleased to announce that
the guys at Memberspeed (our launch partners
for the new software EDB) have added the first
of several FREE Case Studies of the Results using
EasyDealBuilder can achieve!

You can access that free case study here:

And hey – even if you don’t want to see what
EasyDealBuilder is all about – there are some
‘Golden Nuggets’ in the report!

When two of the worlds biggest marketers reveal
some of their secrets tactics and changes they
made to their business – we should study it and
learn from it regardless!

It’ll be VERY worth the time reading it if only
for those ‘Nuggets’!

Back to your free download.

This weekends Download is:
‘Facebook Traffic’

It comes with PLR, and includes Full Website &
Graphics, Emails etc. along with OTO
(everything you need)

Check it out and use it as best suits you :)

You’ll find it our latest ‘HotPage’
of recent cool offers here:

Do check some of those offers while you’re there.

I sincerely hope you didn’t miss any, as there have been
some pretty amazingly useful links to fantastic products
this last few days!

Meanwhile as always…Enjoy your weekend :)

Talk Soon,
Si & Randy

P.S. Here’s that HotPage link again.

P.P.S. Today’s Smile:

When the ark’s door was closed,
Noah called a meeting with all the animals and
said in a demanding voice:

“Listen up kids! There will be NO hankypanky on
this trip. Not even the wetting of the tip of your
parts. All of you males, take off your ‘male parts’
and hand them to Jim the Monkey.
He will write you a receipt.
After we see land, you can get your ‘parts’ back.”

After about a week, Mr. Rabbit ran over to his wife
and very excitedly said,

“Quick! Get on my shoulders and look out the window
to see if there is any land out there!”

Mrs. Rabbit got onto his shoulders,
looked out the window and said,

“Sorry, no land yet.”

“Crap!” shouted Mr. Rabbit and out he went.

This went on every day until Mrs. Rabbit got fed up
with him.

“What is the matter with you? You know it will rain
for forty days and nights. Only after the water had
drained will we be able to see land.
But why are you acting so excited every day?”


said Mr. Rabbit with an impatient look on his
face as he held out a piece of paper.


Til next time
To You and Yours,

Here’s hoping you’re
Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards

  1. Jools Orange, 09 June, 2013

    So good for you, that you are camping almost every weekend.:)

  2. John Gough, 12 June, 2013

    Hi. Hope it has not been too cold for camping. I live in Bedford in the UK and we are still waiting for June to warm up. Good Luck John

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