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Randy’s Ramblings 22nd June 2013


The weekend at last :) (it’s been a long week for us)

Naturally this email will have your link to
the hotpage for your free weekend download.

Meanwhile our launch is finally over and we can
breathe again… lol
Things seem to get hectic when you do a 6 figure launch
(You have been warned…lol)

As usual on a summer weekend – Si will be doing
family stuff with his Wife and 2 daughters, While Rachel,
her girls and myself are in a field again with Betsie & Tinks
(Our camper and caravan)

So we’re all having quality family time – and we
sincerely hope you are too!
(apologies if that’s Not your motivation.. and if not – we hope
you’re enjoying whatever it is that makes you do this IM stuff ;))

Back to your free download.

This weekends Download is:
‘Entrepreneur Mindset’

It comes with MRR, Plus Graphics and Website ready to go :)
Check it out and use it as best suits you :)

Check it out and use it as best suits you :)

You’ll find it our latest ‘HotPage’
of recent cool offers here:

Do check some of those offers while you’re there.
With the EMPHASIS Still on Easy Deal Builder… lol

Have a Great Weekend ;)

Talk Soon,
Si & Randy

P.S. Here’s that HotPage link again.


P.P.S. Today’s Smile:

An old lady buys a pair of parrots, but cannot
identify their sexes.

She spends weeks staring at the cage and,
eventually, catches them doing what comes naturally.

To make sure she doesn’t get them mixed up again,
she puts a little white collar around the male
parrot’s neck.

Later, the local priest visits the old lady.

The male parrot takes one look at the father’s
collar and says,

“I see she caught you at it, too.”


Til next time
To You and Yours,

Here’s hoping you’re
Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards


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