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Randy’s Ramblings 7th June 2009
HypeFree advice to help us all.

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* Catch Up
* Cool Free Plugin – With Video Instructions
* July’s Northallerton Meet Up
* Did You Miss The GuruBypass Free Case Studies?
* ISFN – Free Videos now online
* Sign off


* Catch Up

How’s the weather where you are?
We’ve had a week or two of glorious sunshine, and
now we’re back to our usual miserable overcast skies and rain!

Typical England!…
Oh well – we’re used to it. Shame though as we have been
loving the Sun.

Though it has slowed me down on the work front – but it
is such a rarity for us…lol

Moving on…
I did manage to get a few Video tutorials done, for Pete to
copy and make more professional, showing the massive range of
features now available in the new WizardResponder control panel.

Hopefully it won’t be long til Pete gets them redone and uploaded :)
And wait til you see what Pete has been doing for members
subscription boxes! – I don’t know how long it’ll be before he
shows off his cool addition – but I do know you’ll all love it ;)

Time to fess up too:
I’ve been taking a look around the membership script Pete has
put together with a view to using it for the roll out of GuruBypass,
But I have to be honest and say – It’s not easy for me yet.

He loves the techy stuff, and has built in so many features
that it’s totally confusing me! (well you do know I hate techy
don’t you!)

I’ve sent him back to simplify it all for me, which sounds a
bigger job that building it from what he’s said….

But what good is it if I can’t find my way around?
That’s the trouble when you pair up a techy and a marketer….hehe

I wanted simplicity at a bargain price.
Pete built something to compete with the $1000 to $3000 scripts
and figured you’d love it for a two figure price!

We sure need a compromise in there before I’ll be happy, but I
will keep nagging him to make it EASY!

Anyway – lets move along to todays cool freebie…


* Cool Free Plugin – With Instructions

OK, – here’s the free plugin, and why I think
You’ll love it!

It’s called ‘Add Sig’ and it adds a subscription box to the
end of every post you make on your blog.

Why is that a cool thing… ?
Simply because the more opportunity your readers have to
join your list – the more chance they will!

So as well as having a subscription box and the ultimate footer
displayed on my blog, I now have a form at the end of every post :)

Scroll down and see for yourself:
Imagine having to paste in the code each and every time yourself!!!

Well thankfully you don’t have to…
Thanks to DagonDesign‘s plug in you can automate it.

Here’s the link to the plugin:

I found out about it from a good friend Stuart Turnbull, when he mentioned
it on his blog – here’s his post:

BTW – Stuart has a new product coming out soon, and in a clever
bit of marketing – he is building his own optin list of buyers a lot
faster than normal in readyness to promote his new product to…

We can all learn from this, so I’ll quickly mention it:

He has reduced the price of his best selling product
Prints Make Profits from $27 Right down to just $10 !

Thereby making it an easy sell for any affiliates. And if you’ve not seen it
(at the risk of losing future commissions when promoting his next ebook)
I would recommend taking a long and thorough look at PMP – especially for ten bucks!

This will surely add a lot of buyers to his list, and I guess
they’ll get first shout at his next launch :) - Good plan if you ask me..
Who wouldn’t like to build up their buyers list right before a
new product is due out? – so remember that one for future ref.

Anyway – back to the plugin:
Stuart did shoot a video showing how to install and activate
the plugin – but there was a little confusion judging by the comments
on his blog.

So I’ve done things a little different and hopefully a little clearer in
a two part video that is under 9 minutes total.

So if you’d care to invest less than 9 mins in adding a form to all
of your posts- do watch the vids:
Add Sig Plugin Video - Part 1

Add Sig Plugin Video - Part 2

Then grab the plugin and get it added :)
And thanks again to Stuart for his post that alerted me to it :)


* July’s Northallerton Meet Up

A bit more notice this time for anyone within travelling distance.

The first Monday of July (which is the 6th)
We’ll be having our regular Northallerton Meet Up

So for those who come and for those who would like to
here are the details:

Monday July 6th – 11am -around 4pm
Venue – Elders Bar, Elder Road Northallerton.

If you search maps.google.co.uk
there is a car park not shown on the map just off
bullamoor road.
Or turn into Elder road and turn right for parking
just outside the door.

Any issues – give me a shout
skype – randolf.smith
msn[email protected]

Everyone is welcome, there are no fees for the venue and
they serve home made food until 2pm for around £4 – £5,
with snacks starting from £1.50

Do drop me a line and let me know if you’re coming


* Did You Miss The GuruBypass Free Case Studies?

A reminder in case you missed it with all the sunshine…hehe
I linked to the Free Case Studies Report for The GuruBypass

To get on the list and hear about the prelaunch first –
pop along to…


Where you’ll see the promo video Mark Orr made for us (I love it)
(and if you want to know how to do them – go ask him on his new blog) ;)
After the video you’ll get to the Squeeze page to add you details.

Meanwhile – do check the actual results in the
Case Studies PDF -

And for those desperate to get their hands on it – Anton has
pressured me into comitting to have the prelaunch ready before
the month is over!

As mentioned before we will be inviting those on the list to
grab it at a bargain price in order to get some testimonials
before we go for full launch at full price.. so do register :)




I did say I’d be promoting this heavily…
Now I’ve found out that another marketer and friend is
doing a whole section in the product.

Paula Brett who has been a long time friend and some one I
respect for the amount of help she gives to newbies, is featured
within ISFN.

And Omar grabbed her at a recent conference and interviewed her
on video (we finally get to see Paula in the flesh…lol), and
not just hear her dulcet tones on skype..
(I’m not sure if she had a few voddies or not before this interview
- you decide) – sorry Paula

Either way – do get yourself on the VIP list and watch the whole launch
as well as grabbing the freebies
(PLUS you’ll get sent the link to the blog with Paula’s interview) ;)

And don’t forget – as well as the FREE content videos you’ll see
straight away – the whole launch will be one of those ‘Just Pay Postage’
For an entire disc full of lessons!


* Sign Off

What happened?…
It feels like I forgot to put any ‘money’ links in this email…lol
(too many great freebies around I guess)
Oh well – tell ya what. If you have a desire to
spend some ca$h feel free stay on the blog
and read the last few posts or find some recommended links

Or maybe grab an account at www.WizardResponder.com
or www.MoreMonthly.com if you haven’t already :)

****As ever – only spend your ca$h on things that
WILL help you (Not the stuff that Might One Day!)****

Til next time
To You and Yours,

Here’s hoping you’re
Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards

  1. Sally, 07 June, 2009

    Hey Randy, fab plug in and videos, thanks for that Sally x

  2. Randy Smith, 07 June, 2009

    Cheers for the comment Sally :)
    At least I know someone understood me…hehe


  3. Barry Wells, 07 June, 2009

    Hi Randy, another great post with fantastic content. Thanks for clearing up the confussion about adding opt-in form as signature.

    Your simple and easy to follow directions means that I have completed the challenge with ease.

    Thanks again Randy, You’re a top man.

    Respect & Regards, Barry

  4. Randy Smith, 07 June, 2009

    Glad it all worked for you Barry….lol

    I’d have looked a bit daft if it hadn’t…hehe


  5. Paula Brett, 11 June, 2009

    Ha, flippin’ cheek, Randy!! I wasn’t squiffy at all — I only had a drink in the evenings, never in the day. It was very loud in those casinos, though, so I was a little hoarse ;)


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