New Freebie…Plus FTC Rules and Some Help Please?

Randy’s Ramblings 12th October 2009
HypeFree advice to help us all.

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* Catch Up
* New Freebie on the gifts page (Direct Download)
* Some Help Please – If You Can?
* What’s with the FTC Rules?
* My Progress With MPW… Very Impressed!
* Nothing To Buy… whoops
* Sign Off


* Catch Up

Well another week seems to have flown by, and yet again I’m not even sure what I got done…lol

I know I’ve been busy – but I’m sitting here trying to think if I’ve done anything new??
Obviously – I’ve been doing my usual daily methods visiting the sites I do daily and posting my ads etc.

And I know I’ve been learning and teaching some potentially useful bits and pieces… Even using the Windows Media Maker that comes with XP to help Cameron create his first ever video – at just 11 years old!
Oh you can see it here:
My Nerf Obsession by Camerson Sutherland

It may bore you completely – but he was so excited and couldn’t wait to show all his friends… Especially as there’s a naughty word in the soundtrack (hehe)

Hey, I only mention it for 2 reasons.
1 – For Camerons delight as it’ll get him some views ;)
2 – To Show you that if an 11 year old can make a video
SO CAN YOU to promote your sites!
(And 3 – I actually taught something techy…LOL)

Other than that, I’ve been playing with MPW which I’ll mention later and generally doing bits with Pete to our sites.
So not a lot of new stuff in this email…BUT some important stuff and hopefully a few minutes of not being hammered with more marketing ;)

So on with the important one I think….NAH – let’s do the freebie first :)


* New Freebie on the gifts page (Direct Download)

Here you go, Updated Today….On the Subscriber Gifts page, I’ve added a short twitter guide.

5 Ways To Use Twitter
It’s the direct link

Well that was quick ;)

Now a favour
(yeah we put a u in it… don’t ask me why, OR is it that You Yanks Miss the u?)


* Some Help Please – If You Can?

OK this also has nothing to do with marketing in any way. Just a favour for a subscriber who could do with some help.
This only applies to anyone who is stateside and in Texas.

Here’s an email I received from Gary Allen:

Hi Randy,

I could use your help and influence if that is possible and proper. I have spent the last two years tending to a long time friend in his illness. He passed away about a month ago. I have been living in his home as I have done this. It is now time to locate else where.

Here is the catch. I have very limited funds and no real income from the internet and none else where.
I am living in Texas, USA and would like to stay in the state. I do have a few and assorted internet skills to help folks do some basic things if need be, but  I also have handyman skills for doing plumbing and electrical work and carpentry an such. I was professional  HVAC/Refig mechanic for a number of years, some years ago.
I know you walk a wide path of influence. I would like to find some folks who have an apartment/mother-in-law quarters that is empty that would trade the use there of for handyman work. i.e. board and room and few dollars for other needed items and access to the internet.
I do not have a phone at this time, but I do have the internet for the time being. I may have a phone soon. I am working on that.

This gentleman’s children will be taking over this house sometime in the fairly near future. As said before I would like to stay in Texas for personal reasons for now. I am wondering if you could maybe put the word out to your list to see if anyone has such a need or knows of anyone with such a need.

They can contact me by email for more details if that is OK. I do hope things with your new beau is working out to your joy and satisfaction.
Thank you in advance for your reading this and any help you may be able to offer. I do appreciate you.




So there you have it – just a guy in need of some help.

If you or anyone you know is able to help out, by all means get in touch by replying to this email or submitting a ticket at

And I’ll pass the info along to Gary.
And my apologies for wasting anyone’s time in reading this who only wanted marketing info etc.

Sorry – but then I do believe that people matter more than pictures of dead presidents, and you either should know that, or need to know it if you’re on my lists.
On to something more marketing related that is important to you now.


* What’s with the FTC Rules?

In case you hadn’t seen it, the FTC has revised their rules about ‘endorsing’ products. And it seems it directly affect affiliate marketing!

I’ve had emails from a few marketers. But rather than spread thoughts or opinions I figured I’d link you straight to what they say:
and link

All I can make of it is that I need to say I’m not a lawyer and you should always seek proper legal advice with regards to anything business related.
I wish to make it clear that a lot of things I promote I do endorse…Therefore I need to tell you that I WILL MOST LIKELY be paid by the seller for sales
resulting in my telling you about the products…
And just to cover my rear:
You may not have any success with any product I ever mention!

These new laws may be aimed (as some people seem to think) at the weight loss pill pushers – but as with all legalese language….
They seem to make no sense to anyone except lawyers. So do your own research and seek legal advice before giving testimonials or endorsing products!

As for me – I can’t see that I’ll change much as I believe I’m an honest and genuine guy… so I’ll be sure to mention for those who think I’m totally here for the love of it – that I do make commissions from products I sell or promote.
And I can’t wait to see what happens to all the celebrity’s who just might not use the soap or shampoo they proudly tell us to buy….lol

Don’t ya just hate the boffins who invent all the rules that seem to penalise ‘normal’ folks – whilst the scammers and conmen always find ways around these things!! (Like they really stopped my inbox getting filled with sp’am didn’t they!!)

Nuff Said!


* My Progress With MPW… Very Impressed!

OK – on to something that MIGHT help some people

(It might not, You may completely waste your money buying this, I’m not typical, I’m not a lawyer, I will be paid a commission if people buy this through my link, I haven’t paid for this product, I got it cos I’m friends with the creators, and yes they are hoping I’ll promote it, I don’t promote products I think are crap, I think this is cool – but what do I know, repeat – I’m not a lawyer…etc.)

Are we clear, and covered???
(I wonder if the Deity in whom ‘we trust’ even knows,… Not that I’m sure He’ll ever get to meet a lawyer)

Yes that was a joke and I unreservedly apologize if I have offended anyone in the legal profession – I’m sure there are good peoplein the profession, (regardless that I’ve not met them yet – I may one day)

Wow this is getting hard already isn’t it….lol

So anyway…
Multi Profit Websites starts it’s official Pre-Launch on Tuesday 13th Oct
(My Mums 76th Birthday)

As mentioned, I have been playing with it and I personally love it!

I made a brief mention in my update email that I have already started on a site for Rachel using MPW, It’s non Marketing – so you may not wish to view it. It also has links to content just for adults.
OK – it’s a site about Adult Dating, and non adults shouldn’t be dating online anyway.  So I hope I’m safe showing you it ??
Here’s what I’ve done so far (with a lot of content still to add)

I’m only showing it because for ONCE – I’ve not had to ask Pete for ANY techy help on this. – It’s all my own doing… Mainly because MPW made it so
easy to follow along and get done. (For non techy me and I’m not typical – see notes above about lawyers etc.)

I bought the domain on the 30th Sept, and I’ve already seen it go from NO RANK to an alexa rank of 5million some and now under 3 million when I looked today. (I can’t wait to get some content on there)

The main point is that you may want to get onto the list at

And take a good look yourself.
It’s worth getting on the list as there are some good freebies coming, and John and Dave talk a lot of sense (as well as being genuine guys in my opinion, but I’m not a lawyer remember!)
Am I allowed to say that John is the major factor in my own online success? Or do I have to repeat the stuff at the start again?
Alright – I’m bored of the legal rubbish already.
From MY findings and playing with the product – I would happily recommend family and friends get on the list, grab the freebies, and eventually buy the product if they believe as I do that it will be a great tool to online success – if used!
If nothing else, I would even recommend getting on the list to watch what I believe may well be John and Daves Biggest launch in their online careers… but again – that is just My Opinion.


* Nothing To Buy… whoops

Final section….
I just realised that I haven’t got any links in here to make any immediate sales! How wrong is that for an IMer…lol, and to be honest – I couldn’t be bothered today. While writing, t’s Sunday afternoon and the sun is shining – so I’m off for a nice walk to appreciate what the government and lawyers have provided us with??
So I’ll leave you with a repeat of last weeks smaller guys links
(actually – I should say girls)

I have had some excellent feedback – but hey…I never expected any different or I wouldn’t have recommended them in the first place!
Did you take a look at them?
#Gwens New Ecourse Master
Gwen Tanner has just launched her new ebook on creating ecourses!
Gwen is an experienced ecourse creator who has done courses for all sorts of professional bodies including educational institutions!

#Suzanne’s Ready Made Emails
If you’ve wondered what to write, or struggled to add more than a message or two to your own autoresponder….
Suzanne (who is a copywriter herself) has teamed up with another copywriter, Anita Ashland, and together they are writing your newsletters and email copy for you…
And even better – they are in series..So you get a whole batch of emails to add to your autoresponder… not just one!

And Naturally – you can check the links in my sig or on my blog for any of my products you haven’t yet acquired ;)


* Sign Off

I hope this email has been entertaining if nothing else. But do make sure you’re not breaking any laws regardless of my own stupidity in making fun of certain bodies.
****As ever – only spend your ca$h on things that WILL help you
(Not the stuff that Might One Day!)****

Til next time
To You and Yours,

Here’s hoping you’re
Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards

  1. John Reed, 12 October, 2009

    Thanks Randy – I liked Cameron’s effort – and would have loved that type of thing when I was 11 – but that was over half a century ago!!

    I’ll miss the excitement of Launch (and crash – hope they don’t) tomorrow as I’ll be working in the shop…. but I wish John and Dave all the best for MPW.

    I’m in the middle of trying to move Major-Reviews so if it doesn’t work for a while you’ll know why…… I think I’ve done a Randy on it and broken something!! Haha

    Glad to see that someone else is going to take the heat off me by dating those Russians, I’m not up to it so I wish they’d stop pestering my Spam Box!!!!

    regards to Pete

  2. Jacinta Dean, 13 October, 2009

    Hello Mr Randy!

    Thank you so much for the info regarding FTC changes. I checked out the links and had a good read. It is so confusing, but I think I am understanding that if we are going to recommend something it is important that we actually believe in the product etc etc.

    I only just wrapped my head around the whole privacy stuff and know more legal mumbo jumbo. :( I think it is a little too much for this Aussie Bimbo to bare! :mrgreen:

    On positive I recently bought Mike Young’s software so hopefully that will help me legal wise until I actually earn a good living at this stuff I can afford a lawyer! :) Here’s hoping!!!

    I still am a big believer in “The tortoise always wins the race” I just hope the tortoise (ie income) would get a riggle on! :lol:

    Hope all is great!

    Jacinta :D

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