Sneak Peek, Site Update and Processor Quandries

Randy’s Ramblings 19th March 2012

In this Post
* Catch Up & Update
* CB, W+ Or JVZoo
* Coming Very Soon – Link Supercharger!
* Reminder – Meet Up Saturday 31st March
* Sign Off


* Catch Up

WOW – I can hardly believe it’s around a month since my last post!
In terms of being busy – the time has flown by….
But in online terms – That’s an AGE!
I’ve gone down in rankings – so be sure to post regular updates on your
own blogs, or you might suffer a similar fate…lol

I have been saying for weeks that I should post – but with all the
final bits and pieces on a couple of projects, plus family stuff and
general enjoying the weather finally picking up here in the UK… I
guess I just didn’t get around to it.

So as usual – this will probably be a huge post detailing what I’ve
been up to…lol

Actually – I’ll try and keep the topics limited and related so I don’t
bore you too much… haha

On the Home Front – Camping season is about here, so Rachel, myself and
her girls will be looking forward to getting out for some weekends in
the wild, along with some friends and family who share a similar
passion for the great outdoors. We’ve also bought some new bits and
bobs to take with us… Like our new Hammocks from DD Hammocks that
have mosi nets attached and water proof bases so they can double up as
a tent when used with a tarp…. (Sorry – nothing to do with anything
but we’re excited at the thought of getting them out and using them
this coming weekend ;))

On the IM Front, I’ve told my techy partner Simon to do the last few
tweaks of our software so I could get a heap of new products added to
as it was around a month ago that I posted with this months update!

So yeah – the site has been updated with next months downloads :)

There are the usual 16 products in the main download area, and a
further 15 in the forum bonus area!
That’s THIRTY ONE IM Products with MRR or PLR for just $14!

So if you’re a member go have fun grabbing anything that might be
useful to learn from or sell on :)
And if you’re not a member:
Do pop along and take a chance… You can cancel at anytime… but
trust me when I tell you not many people do when they see this sort of
value on a monthly basis.

Plus – even if you do – you’ll have all these products AND access to
the last couple of months too, So I reckon for a $14 investment –
that’s better value that all those firesales people keep having for a
few products at a lot more money ;)

(Hehe – that save a couple of minutes just editing last months mention
of RandysMoreMonthly)

As for the new product final bits of development…..

Well I did say another couple of weeks…
I guess I should have said a couple of couple of weeks LOL

But yeah, we are just days away from launching so I’ll share some
videos further down this post :)

Just before that, I’ll share some hassles we had and what our solution
was.. In fact – let’s get right into that…..



* CB, W+ Or JVZoo

OK, You’ve got your new product ready for launch and all that’s left to
do is add a payment button and you’re ready to go…

You pop over to clickbank as you usually do (or have been told to do
for years) to register it so you can gain affiliates to promote it….

Or Do You?

Once over 99% of all your mentors or gurus will have said to get it on
clickbank … But not anymore!

Due to changes within clickbank, as well as the popularity of things
like Warrior Special Offers on the Warrior forum… MANY people now
seem to be using alternative payment processors and affiliate programs.

The challenge is obviously picking the right one!

If you’re not a big name with a huge list – then using your own isn’t
going to get you a bucket load of affiliates. So that is ruled out for
most of us right away.

We’re then left with some alternatives, and the choice of alternative
programs seems to be growing…

PayDotCom has been around for a while, But I know many people who don’t
like it for two main reasons. 1 – Their fees tend to be higher, and 2
It’s still down to the product owner to remember to pay affiliates (and
some affiliates just don’t trust you to pay them… hence they wont
promote you!)

Clickbank always was an affiliates favourite, and for a long time had
no real competition. (There are others like Plimus who do a similar job
– but they never did get enough of a good reputation to be used by more
than a handful of marketers I’ve personally seen use it, and we
naturally want something EVERYONE trusts!)

However – lately, even some die hard clickbank super affiliates have
been moving away from them due to their new policies on refund rates.
Apparently if your refund rate exceeds 15% you get fined!!!

I do understand clickbanks position – but I think 15% is a little on
the low side…. I know it was set up due to the mega launches that got
up to 70% refund rates (where the product just plain and simply didn’t
deliver), so that was a good thing. But now they seem to be penalizing
those who just do a good job of selling, and get the serial refunders
along with genuine customers!

So where are  the die hard clickbank vendors listing their
products now?

Well a lot are still happy to use clickbank, and I know with my refund
rates being non existent (cos I do make sure my products
deliver…lol) I would have been happy to use them again too…..

Yep – I always seem to have a big BUT in my posts somewhere don’t I?
… lol – That one But with ONE T by the way!

On Completing Link Supercharger (Under a different name)
and submitting it to clickbank – they refused to approve it first time
around as it can cloak links!

(On reading CB’s terms and conditions – it’s apparently ‘Not Allowed’
… you are not supposed to cloak your clickbank hop links! (WHO KNEW??))

The fact that they already have 85 types of cloaking software in their
marketplace didn’t sway them – as it’s something they NOW wont
approve… but those already there and breaking CB’s terms are fine to
keep selling something they say is not approved of …

YEAH – we got frustrated too! – In Fact some of them are clearly not only
breaking CB’s terms – but also don’t work any longer due to changes in
other websites … but that’s another story!

SO – We had to look for alternatives and decided to investigate what
everyone else was doing.

The TWO MAIN sources of most the links I see coming from other
marketers now seem to be Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

I’m a member of both and haven’t had any issues or problems…. BUT
(there it is again…lol)

I do know a lot of marketers who have had, or know someone directly who
has had either their paypal account suspended, closed or limited!

This seems to be due to Paypal not liking the way Warrior plus pays the
commissions, or the products not being good quality, or the buyer
putting in charge backs to get a refund due to not even remembering
where they bought etc.

In fact – no one really knows what the issue is, other than a lot of
folks have had some challenges!

I believe the guy behind Warrior Plus is trying to make changes to
prevent it from wrecking his and others businesses, and also plenty of
others seem to be fine…. However – when it comes to risking ones
paypal account, there are many who just wont risk promoting that type
of link!

I know my good friend (and part time boss man) John Thornhill recently did a post
about it, and how he prefers to use clickbank
with his CBAffiliateMaster software for his wso’s.

He is also among a number of good friends who have large lists and
refuse to promote anything on W+! (And they number greatly!!) – so that
could be a challenge to get affiliates for many of us.

Personally – I haven’t had an issue promoting as an affiliate – but I
don’t think I’d want to risk adding a product for fear of losing my
paypal account :(

That leaves us with the new boy – JVZoo

I say new boy – but in reality the massive growth of this platform has
been amazing to watch.

I’ve been a member for a while and had NO Issues getting paid for
products I’ve promoted….. But I still wanted to double check that I
would be in no way risking my paypal account if I decided to launch any
products on there!

Well thankfully – although it seems similar – the way JVZoo works is
actually approved by paypal, using Paypals own Adaptive Payments thingy
Yeah thingy, hey I’m not techy but for those who are here is a link
to what Paypal Say.

I also called paypal to discuss putting cash through via their adaptive
payments and they were happy that my account is fine to use it :)

So as you can see JVZoo has been approved by them and spent 3 months
having paypal check over everything for them. PLUS – After speaking to
one of the owners, I’ve learned that not one affiliate has had any
paypal issues….

So I am more than happy to add our new software to JVZoo, and will be
doing so over the next few days!

BTW – If you haven’t checked out JVZoo
– pop over and take a look – they are listening to their vendors and
affiliates and adding new features all the time :)

You might want to promote some of the products or even consider using
them for your own next launch :)

So there you are – a few options…

Personally – after getting back answers to support tickets from
clickbank that didn’t seem as though they actually read what I asked! –
I figure they are big enough to manage without my few products, so I’ll
be adding more products to JVZoo from here on :)

Starting with ‘LinkSupercharger‘ – see below ;)



* Coming Very Soon – Link Supercharger!

OK – here we go with a sneak peek at LinkSupercharger.

After months of development and testing, then upgrades and extra
features added, then more testing and tweaking……

I’m thrilled to say we’re finally ready to launch this powerful ‘newbie
and me friendly’ software.

You can see the full salespage at (BUT DON’T Buy It!)

Just in case Simon hasn’t updated it yet, and to make sure you don’t
buy it today – It will be priced at $47, With A Greatly Reduced Offer
to get it launched sometime next week!

In order to give you a heads up so you can grab the discounted rate, I
thought you might like to see the video demos we will have on the

Here is our short 3 Minute ish intro video:

And to show how EASY it really is to install it – checkout this 90 Second install video:

And a demo of using it at around 2 Minutes:

And Finally – Our UNIQUE Hot Page Creator & Social Sharing Video Demo:

So what did you think?

Hopefully you loved it and are looking forward to my post to say it’s
live and how massive a discount we’ll be making when it is :)

So – Watch This Space  :) :) :)



* Next Meet Up – Sat 31st March


Well the last meet up got cancelled, as there were only 2 people, plus
myself who were interested….lol

(So depending on how the next one or two fair, I may finally give in
and agree to hold them in Sunderland at John Thornhill’s office – Any
Comments/Thoughts Would be appreciated)

Here are the details for our next meet up

1pm til around 5pm, Saturday 31st March 2012:


The Oddfellows Arms

251 High Street,



Tel:    (01609) 773018

Chips and Sandwiches for our consumption.

There will be a charge of around £25 per person to cover the costs.

Any issue – give me a shout:

Or Skype – randolf.smith

Get your ticket booked here

You can find the dates etc. on the Facebook page at




* Sign Off

****As ever – only spend your ca$h on things that WILL help you (Not the stuff that Might One Day!)****

Til next time

To You and Yours,

Here’s hoping you’re

Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards


  1. RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles, 19 March, 2012

    Please do comment on the videos and what you think…
    And also on the meet ups and whether Sunderland would be better for everyone :)


  2. Mandy@LearnToBlog, 19 March, 2012

    You’ve missed a ‘1’ on the last date, Randy. It says ‘3st’.

    The link product, which I have already heard so much about at the meet ups, is a great looking tool. Thanks for sharing the videos. Very helpful.

    I find more often now I get less time to write a blog post, silly really as they are so short, but it is getting to be a monthly task instead of once a week or more. And yes, I noticed a big drop in my ranking very quickly once I stopped.

    JVZoo looks like something worth looking into. I have never been a great fan of Clickbank.

    I’m not sure about the extra miles to go to Sunderland for meets, and from what you’ve said, they would be considerably more money than our smaller more personal meets. I’ll take a rain check on being for or against but would need to know more details to make an informed opinion about them.

    Enjoy the journey.


  3. Dave Whitworth, 19 March, 2012

    Hi Randy,
    Good luck with the launch although having been allowed to test Link Supercharger I don’t think luck will come into it.

    It really is a great tool and has so many features. If only it could make a cup of tea it would be the complete item.

    I have used JV Zoo and have noticed that it is becoming more and more popular.
    It is really easy to add a product and unfortunately that has it’s bad side.

    There is a lot of stuff being put up for sale which you can get for free elsewhere. As the products are not approved by JV Zoo I see this problem only getting worse.

    And then there is the problem of getting affiliates to promote. It is hard enough at the best of times but JV Zoo have had a few scammers which has made them rethink their strategy and now they advice you allow affiliates on deferred payments unless you know them.


  4. RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles, 19 March, 2012

    Cheers for the comments Mandy & Dave :)

    @ Mandy … Ooops – yep, I’ll edit the date in a sec… Glad you like the look of Link Supercharger, and yeah – Sunderland is a good chunk further up the road :(

    @ Dave… there are bad products on every processor going….lol – I’ve personally seen a few on CB that are now not working, other that are free elsewhere, and some that will become against the LAW in a few weeks time, but no mention of any updates as yet! … So I guess there will always be bad products, but how long would they hold onto their affiliates if refunds were instant too?
    Re affiliates, Yeah, it’s a good idea and I don’t believe an issue to ask a stranger to wait until after the cancellation period before you pay them. Once they become a friend and more trusted, then you can switch them to instant as you’ll trust they will have a paypal account still if you did get the odd cancel & refund request :)


  5. Rylai03, 20 March, 2012

    I really think this is a great tool.. thanks for sharing this excellent review!

  6. Carol Smith, 21 March, 2012

    Looking forward to the launch. I am trying to get back on the horse. Computer has been driving me crazy — I know short trip. Finally figured out the hard drive and the external hard drive are eating themselves alive. New computer due to arrive tomorrow.

    I read yesterday about 2 things I am wondering about. One is a serious fault in MS that needs a patch immediately. The study indicated that most are not doing it. Also a rather brief article about Google slapping for “over SEO”. Any info about it?

    Carol Smith

  7. RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles, 21 March, 2012

    Hi Carol,

    I’m no SEO expert so I can’t comment on over SEOing :)
    And I haven’t heard about any patches either for MS

    I know how you feel about hard drives … I have two that could do with replacing…lol
    Hopefully the launch of will help pay for mine…. :)


  8. Ashley Ward, 22 March, 2012

    Hello Randy, I learn a lot of your great ideas here. By the way I am looking forward to your Link Super Charger. Thanks for sharing!

  9. RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles, 22 March, 2012 – IS NOW LIVE
    Feel free to grab the launch discount… and be sure to get an affiliate link too … It;s gonna be great :)


  10. Jen@Madbid, 22 March, 2012

    Really looking forward to seeing link supercharger randolf. Can we expect this launched soon?

  11. Craig Pullman, 23 March, 2012

    Hi Randy,
    thanks for the detailed explanation on the different payment processors. I have noticed an increase in the amount of affiliates promoting through JVZoo. I did not realise it was PayPal approved. You have now got me thinking ClickBank or JVZoo? I guess you could promote on both (split test, eh?).

    Thanks for the great advice.


  12. Scott, 23 March, 2012

    Wow.. That was quite a super post! It is hard to believe a month has gone by so fast… You certainly made up for it. You made a great comparison between the three top information product affiliate networks: click bank, plimus and paydotcom. My favorite among all of them is click bank, it’s the one I’m most comfortable with. I have used paydotcom but what I don’t like about it is it’s difficulty to navigate, sort and search out products to promote. Plimus is new to me. I just established a new account but haven’t promoted any products yet. On the surface it looks quite good to me…

  13. conference merchandise, 23 March, 2012

    I am not a member with with all the testimonies I’ve heard, this is a great deal. My $14 would be worth every cent! I also could not wait for the Link Supercharger! I hope this wouldn’t be too pricy.

  14. Andy, 25 March, 2012

    This is an awesome post! I’ll be pinning it!

  15. Paul D. Chilvers-Grierson, 27 March, 2012

    Hi Randy,

    You might remember at one of the meet ups a few months back, when John Thornhill was there, we were talking about ClickBank and other alternatives to Warrior+, because of the hassles with the “one for me, one for you” system as well as the issue of refunds.

    I asked what people thought about DigiResults (by Brit Andy Fletcher; I first heard of it through Jason Fladlien in something he wrote about avoiding problems with PayPal, especially on the Warrior Forum).

    At that stage I don’t think JVZoo had quite taken off, which it has since done amazingly quickly.

    I was trying to work out which of the two might be better to run with, as both work with the PayPal Adaptive Payments system and pay people immediately (though now both apparently with the option to override that), and both work with WSOs

    DigiResults say they also integrate with ClickBank and PayDotCom, so if someone came to the page via one of their affiliate links, that is where the buyer would be taken so the affiliate got their commission.

    DigiResults definitely state that in the case of refunds, the system takes the refund from both PayPal accounts at the same ratio the initial amount was paid in, so there is no issue of affiliates not honouring refund requests. A definite plus.

    I’ve just been looking at the site, they actually say:

    “Once you grant a refund, our Direct Commission Technology automatically reverses the money from both your account and your affiliates account.”

    I tried to find a statement to the same effect at JVZoo, but it is not expressed quite as clearly as “we can reverse the whole transaction in one click”.

    I think, though, looking at their Knowledgebase, that it must work pretty much the same way.

    You go into your account and click a “refund” button that takes the various amounts from all PayPal accounts involved.

    They say if the customer filed a dispute in PayPal to “go to the dispute and refund the purchase in the dispute in order to make it go away” and then do a Partial Refund in the JVZoo dashboard to get the affiliate’s share.

    It then says:

    “If for some reason we cannot retrieve the money from the affiliate or JV, we have to assume they are trying to cheat the system and their account will be BANNED and never allowed back at JVZoo.”

    So I guess that’s probably about the most protection either system can offer.

    JVZoo gives “lifetime commissions” to affiliates, i.e. if the same vendor sells another product through JVZoo, the affiliate gets a commission on that too. Not sure if DigiResults does that as well. Obviously that only applies as long as the vendor keeps selling products through JVZoo.

    One more thing, I just discovered you can actually list the same product on JVZoo, Warrior Plus and DigiResults at the same time “and have it all dealt with through a single buy button”.

    They show you how to set it up on their blog, and from the screen shots it looks like you can promote a product simultaneously on CB, PDC, JVZoo, Warrior+ and DigitalResults, run it through DigitalResults and the affiliate and you get paid by whichever network the affiliate link came from.

    So maybe you don’t have to choose one or the other after all…

    Anyway, I thought some info on DigiResults would round off the picture so you can take a look at them too and see what you think.

    Hope you find this useful,


  16. Jack Sander, 27 March, 2012

    I’m looking forward to see the new Link Supercharger! From what you have posted it looks like an interesting software.

  17. Alan’s Internet Marketing, 29 March, 2012

    I like how JVzoo gives you the chance to delay affiliate payments for affiliates you don’t know and split the commissions so they get paid instantly. A good way to protect your ass and keep good affiliates happy at the same time.

    I think choice of marketplace will (in part) come down to your market and your goals. I think it’s easier to get affiliates on Warrior Plus vs. JVZoo (that might change with time) and if I was releasing a product in the sports niche (for example) I think I’d go with Clickbank.

  18. RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles, 29 March, 2012

    Hi Alan,

    I agree re the other niches – using clickbank, However, I do think it wont be long at all before JVZoo is bigger that warrior plus… just my opinion:)


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