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In case you don’t know me, or are wondering if my products
are really worth the investment….

I thought I would try and copy some of the comments people
have made about me and my products onto one page for you
to skim through.

This will hopefully help you decide whether to trust me with your
subscription to one of my lists or with your confidence in ordering
any of my products.

So enough from me – here’s what people have publically said:


* General Comments:


Thanks To Randy Smith
Sometimes just saying thank you to a person isn’t enough.

So I’ve come up with a plan to make my thank you’s public here
on the blog under the category My Thanks to You, and I’ll post
these now and again.

Dear Randy Smith,

When I was brand-spanking new to internet marketing I reached
out to you with a question. Well, as I recall it was actually 3 or 4
questions disguised as 1.  You cheerfully answered those questions
and offered even more information that answered questions I didn’t
even know to ask yet.  Thank you.

I feel you offer me (and others) the right blend of honesty, insight,
deep knowledge, humor, and especially encouragement.  Thank you.

You make me think about my internet marketing in ways I don’t want to.
What Randy?  I should track my conversion rates for THAT?
And will tell me if my sales page headline stinks.
Boring, Peggy. That’s not going to capture people’s attention.
Well, he did say it nicer than that.  But thank you.

I appreciate that you’re a real person in this crazy internet marketing
field who cares about others and it shows up in your site
www.randolfsmith.com and your products www.salesletterabc.com
and www.moremonthly.com, among others.  Thank you.

I don’t even remember how I found you Randy, but I’m sure glad I did!
You’ve been instrumental in making me a better marketer.

Thank you,

P.S.  No affiliate links were added to this post.

The comments both on that blog post and in a forum that
mentioned the post were as follows:


Great blog post!

I think it’s brilliant that you’ve shown your appreciation in this way.
I too have received oodles of help and support from Randy, and
he really is a top bloke (I’ll stop embarrassing him now though!)

It just shows that you don’t have to come from Lancashire to
be a good guy!

Lee McIntyre


See, I have to add my kudos to Randy as well.
He is just not going to be able to keep that hard nosed reputation he’s so
fond of now is he?
I have learned most of what I know about IM through Randy’s guidance.
He is one of the best. So take that Mr. Smith. :)

Robin Skeen


What a lovely idea for a blog category, Peggy.
Mind you, now Randy will be insufferably smug!!!

Joking! The praise for him is thoroughly deserved.

Very best wishes

Paula Brett

Hi Peggy

I agree it’s a great idea for a blog category!
Randy really is a great guy and he’s given me lots of great
advice recently too.

Your blog is one of the most thoughtful out there.
I think there must be something in the water of northern
England that produces brilliant marketers (Laughing)

Randy definitely is a top bloke Cool …. a bit cheeky but …..
only joking (Laughing)



I sincerely hope these comments help make you
want to get to know me.
After all –
A Stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet :)

Here’s hoping you’re
Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards


* Product Comments

You will find testimonials for each product on the salespages by following
the links in my sig,
However – I’ve added comments here of just one product, to give you a sample
of peoples opinions.
These are from SalesLetterABC, and there are a few due to feedback sent to me
after critiquing some pages for customers who have taken a coaching course and used
my product to help them as part of the course.


* SalesLetterABC / And My Critiques

(Some of these came from people who also received a
critique as part of a coaching course)
Hi Randy,

Thanks for your email, my name is John Edwards, one of John`s Masterclass students, and i would just like to say i have read quite a few ebooks on how to use the A.I.D.A formula for copywriting the sales letter!

To be perfectly honest your report has the most intelligent easy to follow format that makes “Sales Letter ABC” a complete no brainer when it comes to sales letter creation tuition , and from experience I know this and the UNIQUE “template” step by baby step approach seals the deal!

Well done Randy.

Joghn Edwards


Hi Randy,
I am following John Thornhills Personal coaching program and for week 8
I followed your e-book to create my sales page, this is my first creation
and your book gave me so much confidence and helped me get through
it, to be honest making a sales page was very daunting to me so I made
a post about you on my blog. http://taradipalma.com/sales-letter-abc
I have also joined your affiliate program as your book is amazing, you
really haven’t a clue at how nervous I was when I found out that we
would be creating our own pages.
Thank you so much for your book you’ve done an amazing job.

Thank you so much
P.S. Here’s My testimonial to you……………….
Again Thank you, I followed your advice but couldn’t really change your
suggestions as they were excellent thank you!!!!

Hi Randy,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fantastic
step by step e-book, “salesletter ABC”.
I faced writing my first sales page with total dread and your book
came recommended to me through John Thornhill.

Your e-book is amazing, I completed my sales letter a step at a time
following your exact instructions.
Your support has been wonderful and your advice second to none!!!

You really gave me everything I needed to succeed in completing my sales page.

Thank you

Tara Dipalma


Dear Randy
I have just completed my sales page. Of course I couldn’t have done it without
the help of SalesLetterABC. So first of all, I would like to thank you, I didn’t
know where to start and with the help of John and yourself, it is now complete,
well almost there. I need to try and get testimonials, but I am working on that.

Thank you, kind regards
PS. I have enjoyed your comments in the forums.
I haven’t been brave enough to participate but once I have more confidence I will.



Hi Randy.
Thank you so much for your glowing words.
This sales page can only be credited to yourself alone, for it was only by me
following every step in your book that convinced you about credentials.
You may find this hard to believe, but I would hardly know the difference
between a horses main and a horses tail- NOR DO I CARE!

Can you believe that? It’s true, I have absolutely no interest in horses.
So now you can see the proof of how brilliant your book is.
Congratulations to you, and every success.

Many thanks again Randy,

Art Speck



I just wanted to say how great the program is!!! It is so easy to use, and
understand. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information available online
for sales ads, and so much was confusing. Sales Letters ABC is great.
It is not only a terriffc way to write copy, it made it fun too.

As for your comments:
I am glad that you wrote. Last night I began toying with the idea of starting a blog.
I have gone so far as to begin one google, complete with template, gadets, etc., and
I was wondering…I hate to ask a favor of someone I really do not know…but, would
it be possible if I mentioned you and the products of yours that I use?
I would like for people to see that someone beginning on the internet can have
success with the help and guidance of those that have been around, and realize that
even though its a lot of work, and has its ups and downs its still fun.
Drop me a line and let me know if it would be okay.
I look forward to hearing from you, and maybe one day getting a testimonial?



Thanks Randy!
Finally a how to report that not only shows me how to write good copy,
but doesn’t include a bunch of crap that I have to weed though to get
the information I need.

Lets face it, unless you live on a planet that the normal day is 52 hours
long, we poor humans only have 24 hours to get our tasks done,
so we don’t have time to read a zillion page report just to get to
the point of why we made the purchase.

Thank you for keeping it short and easy to follow.

Al (PaPaGrizz) Nelson


Hi Randy

I would like to thank you very much for Sales Letter ABC.

I also Purchased your Headline Heist swipe file which I also found most helpful.
So thanks very much for those they were very much appreciated.

many thanks

Robert Chenery


Hi Randy,

I have been using your SalesLetterABC report for my first ebook that
I have just finished.
Your 10 Step Sales Letter Solution has helped me to create my
sales page, in a very orderly and professional manner.
The way you have outlined the simple steps, and explain what to
do and what not to do makes this very easy for everyone to understand.
Writing sales page’s is something i have never done before, but by
following your step by step procedure i was able to accomplish
this with ease.
Your SalesLetterABC report is an outstanding, and much needed
product and I highly recommend all to give it a try.

William Potts
P.S. Also the other products I have gotten from you like EasyFTP
and Headline Heist, Cool Easy Link Cloaker and all the freebies Thank You!
And Thanks again for all your support and answering my sunday morning
question about link cloaking, your advice sure helped.


Hi Randy,
Your book Sales Letter ABC is the best book about sales letters
that I’ve ever seen.
No one should ever hit the cl’cky thing when reading whatever you’ve written.
You’ve proven yourself to be a real wordsmith:)


Hi Randy,

Just dropping you a line to say many thanks for the excellent
SalesletterABC and Headline Heist.
They certainly make short work of putting up mini sites.

Good to see how you actively encourage your customers to get
back to you and take the time to care.
A rare thing these days in the hectic world we live in.

Great stuff.

Will contact you one day so we can JV
All the best,

Mike Taylor


Hi Randy
Just a quick message to say thankyou. I downloaded your saleletter abc
yesterday from John Thornhill coachings link, and read your ebook with
great interest. This is fantastic reading especially by a newbie like me,
I’m very happy that you were willing to share this info with us!
Anyway thanks again Randy, its very much appreciated.

P.s As a thankyou, I’ve sent you a gift in the post,
I used your address from the footer of your email, hope its right,
anyway you should receive it tomorrow.


Having read everything I could get my hands on by Randy since I began this incredible
journey through the IM learning curve, I was expecting this to be the “usual top quality stuff”.
Simply stated, did he ever over deliver.

Copywriting is one of the big stumbling blocks for many people
(except you Randy, of course). To have at hand the kind of resource tool ABC
provides is more valuable than you can imagine.

Take it from a beginner in this climb, this is a book that you CAN NOT AFFORD to pass up.

Carol Smith

It goes without saying that I think the book is great.
It would not be possible for me to oversell it but I truly believe that you
are “the resident expert” at copywriting. What a salesman!!


Hi Randy,
I’ve been enjoying your ramblings for several days now, having come here from
John’s blog. Keep it up, I love your writing style. :)

I enjoyed your new eBook and wish you much success.
I wanted to tell you that I’ve been working on a free eBook on maintaining your list,
and struggling with a title. I think I have it, thanks to you –
Look After Your List. It sounds much better than List Maintenance, don’t you think?

Peggy Baron


Hey Randy,

I just spent the past 30 minutes testing out Sales Letter ABC and
I have to say I am very impressed, my friend.

As a copywriter, it takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes
to a “template” approach to writing sales letters.
I’ve used other template sales letter systems with very limited success.

I think what impressed me the most was your writing style.
The report that accompanies your template is fantastic.
I instantly get the feeling you know what you’re talking about.
And it became more and more obvious as I read your report.

You cover all the bases for writing a solid sales letter,
but you’ve done it in a manner that anyone can understand it,
regardless of their background.

I look forward to recommending your product to my subscribers and
including it in my recommendations on my website.

Excellent work Randy.
Talk again soon.

Enjoy your day!
Terry :)


Randy…I loved your ebook, “Sales Letter ABC” It is well written and flows
from one point to another in a friendly manner.

Your steps are simple enough to NOT resemble the usual “Guru/Geek Speak”
useless baloney found in most ebooks I’ve read…and wasted my money
on, I should add.

Your examples of some of your actual sales experiences will benefit anyone
involved in writing sales letters to market online products.

Very few ebooks provide the steps within a proven method of creating
a successful sales letter like “Sales Letter ABC” does

What really impressed me is the easy way you presented the points…just
simple and direct without two pages of justification for each one, which
leaves the reader (and me) wondering what the original point was.
Great Job!
Pat Graham, Professional Ghostwriter
Need articles, ebooks, ecourses?


You’ve Done it again Randy!
A simple, concise, easy to follow system that allows anyone
to create “Killer” Sales pages.

And for those people who are just climbing the first step
on the “Marketing Ladder”, well, it’s perfect!

Pete Crossman


I’m so glad that someone has, at last, decided to do a step-by-step
template of how to construct a sales page; and I’m glad it was you that
did it. I couldn’t think of a more qualified person to put this together.

I think many people are afraid of writing sales pages;
it can be a daunting task if you’re not an expert
I have to admit it’s my least favourite part of product creation!

I love the way you take a sales page and break down each section
of it with helpful tips and reasoning for each part.

It’s then just a case of adapting it to your own product.

For anyone who runs a mile from creating a sales page and can’t afford
to pay thousands to have one created for them, this is a god-send.

Thanks, Randy, for letting me have a sneak-preview – as always,
your stuff is a joy to read.

Very best wishes
Paula Brett


Hi Randy,
Thanks for asking me to take a look at your new eBook.

I think it’s a great idea and I’m amazed that nobody thought to
create something like this sooner.

Some of the most popular questions on marketing forums
surround sales pages.
It’s still one of the most difficult tasks in marketing to do,
yet there aren’t that many resources out there to help people when
it comes to creating your own sales page.

I’ve been creating sales pages for over 2 years now and there
are still things mentioned in your eBook that are new to me
So for anyone new to marketing or sales pages the eBook will be a great help.

Congratulations on a job well done!
Dan Thompson


I have been using Randy’s services for a few years now and I am more than
happy with the results he has given me.

The fact he has laid out how he creates a sales page STEP-BY-STEP
means even someone on the tightest of budgets can now afford his services.

The way he walks you through the whole process is nothing
short of amazing.

I highly recommend you check out this eBook.

John Thornhill


Hi Randy,
I just thought I would email you to tell you how
much I enjoyed reading this.

I found it a real education and inspiration.
It’s completely clear that you practice what you preach.

There are several points in the e-book where you make a statement
about one of the methods and then a bit later on I realise you
have indeed done that for yourself inside your own e-book !

Now that’s true confidence in believing what you
say really works!

You have shot-up the copywriting league table, and are most
definitely someone that people should be listening too  and
more importantly learning from !

If anyone is reading this now and your not sure about spending
anything from $1000+ on a pro copywriter  then this e-book is a
real intro to the world of successful copywriting,

so you can save money and teach yourself this need to know trade.
It is absolutely something to consider buying today.

Many Thanks,
Brian Collins


Hi Randy,

I just finished reading your powerful report Salesletter ABC
and all I can say is thank you!

I feel that you have revealed the true secrets to successful copywriting.

You have explained in simple terms, so that even a beginner
can learn quickly, what good copywriting means to an online
business, which is ultimately the difference between success and failure.

Your guide delivers a proven recipe that any online marketer NEEDS
to follow to ensure that they TURN VISTORS INTO BUYERS.

Like so many other ebook authors I fall at the final hurdle,
I spend months writing my ebook, but due to my lack of copywriting skills,
I spend only minutes on a sales page,

However armed with the information in your report, my sales pages
are about to transform!

I can honestly say this is one of the best reports I have read
in a long time, and I must compliment you on the way you write,
your passion for copywriting and passing on your experience
oozes out of this report.

If we could all master copywriting like you, our sales would surely
come pouring in!

Sally Neill



It’s about time somebody came up with this idea, and there is no
better qualified person than you Randy.

When you sent me the ebook to review, I realised that it is an
idea that nobody has bothered to cover yet in simple ‘understandable’ terms!

How could something so important to sales be overlooked!

Anyway, I have to say it is an excellent read Randy, it really does
cover all the important steps in simple, understandable steps,
and I have to say that this is an ‘essential’ ebook for anybody
selling anything, as it’s techniques can be applied to any type
of product sales page.

Nice one Randy!

Dave Nicholson


I sincerely hope these comments help make you
want to get to know me.
After all –
A Stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet :)

Here’s hoping you’re
Loving Life, Living it with Passion, And Passing it on!

Warm Regards


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