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Passive Income Publishing - One of the Best Low Content Publishing Courses I've seen! (Create Amazon Journals & the like - Step by Step in detail!) - 2 years on, and my Daughter Kirsty is still making monthly profits from the ones she created!


SmartBookBuilder Software - Makes creating Low Content Books as Easy as Select, Add, Tweak & Publish! - Combined with Passive Income Publishing, makes an easy and method for creating and low content book for passive income!


Free Weekend Download 3rd Sept 22 - 'Make Things Happen - Video Upsell' - It includes: The Videos, Sitepages, Graphics, Swipes, Audios, & More. (MRR)


Audacity Tutorials PLR - Usual videos and sales materials on the topic by Charles Harper. Great for using as free lead magnets, upsells and learning from!


Client Reviews Plugin Agency License - Plugin Allows you to offer Local Business Clients, a simple, hands free way of ethically getting more good reviews, It's an easy pitch!


IM VIP Training - 20+ Training products, live training webinars, software, plugins and everything any marketer needs to take their business to 6 figures.


Mail Our Lists - Send an email to 35,000 subscribers across 43 websites in the MMO niche owned by Dawud Islam and Terry Till.


Learn how to profit from the $11.3Bn NFT Industry without creating, buying or selling NFTs. Includes: - 365 Ready-To-Use NFT Memes with PLR - List of recommended NFT affiliate programs - AND FULL TRAINING Guide ->How To Make Money With NFT Memes.


Free Weekend Download 10th Sept 22 - '52 Weeks to Better Habits' - It includes: The Ebook, Sitepages, Graphics, Swipes, Checklist, & More. (MRR)