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Free Weekend Download 8th June 24 - 'Effective Instagram Marketing' - It includes: The Ebook, Sales Page, Images, Swipes, Articles & More (MRR)


Direct to Payment Page - For the Randys Apps Bundle Deal - ALL *17 AI Apps*, for a One Time $197 (Saving Hundreds compared to individual pricing) - if you've not seen them all - check another link first for full details, they are all linked from RandysApps.com


CapCut PLR - Charles' latest set of 20 Instructional Videos with PLR on CapCut, The Free all-in-one video editor for everyone to create anything anywhere, Flexible editing, magical AI tools, team collaboration, and stock assets. Come complete with sales materials as usual.


Affiliate Funnel Maps 2.0 - Deep Dive Into Multiple Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Ben Banks with Daily AND, Get His "Traffic On Demand" Training. - What Ben actually does, that makes him a top 10% affiliate across all platforms!... What he uses every time he wants to promote offers and bank commissions!


Bad Dad Jokes Vault - Ready for Fathers day, and what a package. - A Package of FIVE Dad Joke Related Products, where you can save on the Bundle, or just pick the bits that appeal. Do check the page - and remember, these aren't just a Fathers day item, but can be used for many occasion's throughout the year... with Full PLR!


Public Domain Prompts Empire - 513 ChatGPT prompts specifically designed to create wonderful new stories with the same characters as famous public domain works, like Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, ​Wuthering Heights, ​Robinson Crusoe, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, Dracula, And many, many more!


Free Weekend Download 15th June 24 - 'Effective Instagram Marketing Video Upsell' - It includes: The Videos, Sales Page, Graphics, Swipes, Audios & More (MRR)