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*Max AI News* - A private paid for group I belong to - With almost daily videos of new tools or prompts or useful AI stuff to benefit from! (Highly Recommended!)


ChatGPT for Internet Marketers - 20 Videos on how to use ChatGPT for IM purposes.. with Unrestricted PLR, so you can learn from and sell them. (Includes: Lead Magnet, Pages, Videos & More! - Under $10)


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AI Content Crafter - The App That Writes your Blog Post, creates a Featured Image for it, Posts it to your blog... AND Creates social media posts & email to promote your post!


Free Weekend Download 11th November 23 - 'The Power of Perseverance - Upsell Videos' - It includes: The Videos, SitePages, Images, Swipes Emails, Audio Files, Social Media Kit & More. MRR


Canva AI PLR - All the latest from Charles on the Canva Platform and their new AI tools- includes his usual 20 videos and sales materials etc.


Super Fast List - 10 separate List Building Methods methods that work in any niche. Add 1,000+ subscribers per month and earn while you learn. Each method works in 2023.


30 Emails - a set of emails that will thrive, resonate, and leave a lasting impact on their readers. Mini epic tales and sagas - email story telling at its best. AND...They promote evergreen products that all have affiliate programs that require no approval! - No Brainer ;)


Free Weekend Download 18th November 23 - 'Achieve Your Goals' - It includes: The Ebook, SitePages, Images, Swipes Emails, Articles, Social Media Kit & More. MRR