Did You Miss A Free Download Or Cool Recommend? Here Are Some Worth Checking!


Send Your Mails - Old School training for site that allow you to blast emails to their members. You do need to either read emails for point, or buy them, but this is ONE of the ways I got started, so I can vouch for them. (Still around after 20years also says something) - The training is also very honest in how to benefit best from these. - I may need to revisit some of these myself :)


(PLR) Lead Gen Masterclass - 20 over the shoulder videos on the subject of leveraging the technical aspect of Viral App Platforms. (+ sales & marketing materials)


Free Weekend Download 12March22 - 'Wired To Succeed - Upsell Vids' - It includes: The Video Upsell, Site pages, Emails, Social Media Kit, Graphics, & More. (MRR)


Free Weekend Download 19March22 - 'Out of Control Viral Marketing' - It includes: An Ebook, Site pages, Graphics, & Source files. (PLR)