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AI Influencer - Video Training that shows how ANYONE can become an Influencer and anonymously crush different niches with Artificial Intelligence! (Watch out for the upsells, they all have a cheaper downsell!)


Free Weekend Download 16th March 24 - 'Create Freedom - Upsell Videos' - It includes: The Videos, SitePages, Images, Audios, Email Swipes & More. MRR


Extremely Useful - 250 PLR Articles Every Month, Across TEN Niches - Ready to use as you wish for When You Need Content, *Check the Samples On The Sales Page!* (Best use suggestion --> Ask ChatGPT to reword to make unique, and you'll always have original posts to use!)


*Coaching Workshop/Webinar* - By all means email me for more direct Q's - reply to any of my daily emails - This is the program I'm involved with! AND can be so much easier with AI help now... Ask Me!


*AFFILIATES ONLY - Earning WHILE You're List Building - Watch & See How to Make Sales Without Selling! (Huge Potential!) - And Bonus Blog Posts on JT's Blog, with Your links! )


AI SideHustle - Craft AI Images WITH TEXT- sell on Fiverr/Upwork etc. - Become the Image Crafting Go To Guy/Gal - Free Access, Plus Trial to play and create. Then Pay As You Go. :)


Traffic Wave Generator Software - Near automated Pinterest posting for Free Traffic to your links.


365 Viral Tea Videos with PLR to use on social media if you happen to link to anything to do with TEA!


12 Under-The-Radar Affiliate Methods (PLR) - this course include Email Roundups, Launch Piggybacking, AI Automation, The Free Coaching Method, and 8 more. Each method is explained in detail, making it easy for you to implement them into your own affiliate marketing campaigns.


Influencer Secrets PLR - A complete and ready to go package (To sell and to learn From)


Free Weekend Download 25th March 24 - 'Gratitude Works' - It includes: The Ebook, Checklist, SitePages, Images, Articles, Mindmap, Email Swipes & More. MRR


The "Hurry Up & Take Your Time" Report - Detailed MAP, for those who want all the info, without watching the 50minute video :) - Free report to read through, but do 'Hurry Up and Take Your Time' to ensure you can take full advantage. :) - Check sooner not later!