Did You Miss A Free Download Or Cool Recommend? Here Are Some Worth Checking!


Free Weekend Download 18th June 22 - 'Internet Marketing 4 Noobs' - It includes: The Ebook, Sitepages, Graphics, Swipes, Articles, Resources & More. (MRR)


Bonus Grab - Includes 500 eBooks, 100 video courses, 15,000 articles and everything needed to deploy them, including graphics and a bonus page that can be customized as needed. So you too can add heaps of bonuses when selling affiliate products!


FaceSwap Software - Mentioned cos it might be FUN for family stuff... although I don't see a major marketing purpose for it, other than ones that might land you in hotwater... lol (The pitch does mention creating one video with multiple faces to appeal to all demographics... a bit far fetched , but possibly useful??)


PLR Paid Marketing - full PLR ready to sell on the topic of Paid Marketing (Teach it or learn from it)


Free PDF - 101 Email Subject Lines Templates - Just pick a good one and fill in the blanks :) - Direct Link.


Free Weekend Download 25th June 22 - 'Internet Marketing 4 Noobs - Video Upsell' - It includes: The Videos, Sitepages, Graphics, Audios & More. (MRR)