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200+ Copy & Paste Email Newsletters (Quality) - Check the examples on the page! - Adapt them, Add to them, tweak and use them to build those relationships!... (& Make Sales) :)


Natures Heroes Emails PLR - 28 Nature\'s Heroes Stories to Engage, Inspire and Convert Your Audience! AND You can sell these if you wish... I BOUGHT to actually USE them, as they are really good, fun and engaging emails. (Great to learn a certain style from too!)


Free Weekend Download 23rd September 23 - ''Attitude is Key" - It includes: The ebook, SitePages, Checklist, Mindmap, Images, Social Images, Swipes & More. MRR


AI Business Masterclass PLR - Includes the product and all the extras like Salespage, Email Swipes, Mindmap, Graphics, Articles etc. (Upload and use it, and/or study it and benefit both ways)


*$1 Trail - The IM Newsletters PLR - Monthly content EVERYONE Loves! - Inc Audio version too as well as the PLR newsletter to rebrand etc.! - Excellent Value! (Grab the free sample to check it, or take the trial to get the bonuses!)


The AI For Product Creation For Internet Marketers Learning System PLR, by Liz Tomey... I bought this myself - and it's value packed, and a lot of downloads! :)


Free Weekend Download 30th September 23 - ''Attitude is Key- Video Upsell" - It includes: It includes: The Videos, SitePages, Transcripts, Motivational Quotes, Images, Social Media Kit, Swipes & More. MRR