One LAST Offer...

(The Live Actor Pack!)

Here's the FINAL OTO/Upsell, 10 Live Actor Funnel Clips,

(I've added some samples to give you an idea of what you get - Keep Scrolling!) 😉

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Prefer a Human Touch?

I've put together a Live Actor/Spokesperson Video package for marketers who want that human touch.

This package comes with 10 green screen videos, and links to image backgrounds and video backgrounds.

There's a funnel clip for every funnel page application you'll encounter.

Adding this package to your collection will give you the ultimate edge - a live spokesperson video for every funnel page you'll ever build.


Same Bullets - cos they are! 😉

  • - High Converting, Fully Tested.
  • - Videos Upsell and Downsell For You Without Being Pushy
  • - Trigger immediate buy responses, subtle and effective
  • - Just Plug and Play (or edit with backgrounds or images) and Watch Your Sales Increase
  • - Mp4 Files Easily Embed Into Your Funnel Pages
  • - Use With Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo and Amazon S3
  • - Increase Sales Throughout Your Funnel Instantly

Again - Not Required, But WOW - What a collection You could be putting to use!


Honestly this is my last offer for you today.

I took all ten of the funnel video scripts and handed them off to a talented actor.

This Funnel Clips Live Actor pack contains 10 live videos filmed in front of a green screen.

You get a video for all ten funnel scripts, from the optin confirmation, the oto's, downsell, backend, bonuses, webinar invite, the works. Every video in live actor format.

I also included some sample backgrounds and resource links to stunning image and video backgrounds for you inside your download file.

A Few Samples of What You Actually Get...

Click Here to Get The LiveActor FunnelClips »YES! I'm Ready to Start Adding Funnel Clip Videos To My Sites & Pages Today

Click the button ABOVE, to Add this Live Actor Upgrade Pack To Your Internet Marketing Toolbox Today.

You can mix and match them with the Whiteboard videos, the Animated Video if you grabbed those, and use them on as many sites as you want, including clients sites.

They're all in MP4 format for easy embedding to any website via Amazon S3, Wista, Vimeo, Youtube.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

With my ’30 Day Love ’em or Shove ’em Guarantee’ You can buy today and try them out. If you don’t feel they will add to your conversions and enhance you sites and pages, Simply pop a support ticket in to receive a no questions ask refund of you cash!

My Support desk is at

  • q-iconCan I Use These Videos On My Own Funnels?

    Yes! Using these videos to boost funnel sales is as simple as putting the video in your favorite place, such as Youtube, Wistia or Amazon S3 then embedding it into your sales page.

  • q-iconHow do I get the backgrounds onto the video in place of the green screens?

    There’s lots of software you can use to do that. (I downloaded the Free Hitfilm Express, and also include links to free background videos/images & a link to the tutorial I watched to create the one at the top of the page)

    Or you can simply outsource it to fiverr for five bucks and have it done in a jiffy!

  • q-iconWhat Rights Do I Get?

    You get personal use rights to use them on ANY of your own web properties/pages, And ALSO developer rights to add them to client sites that you control. (you may not sell them individually or as a package, contact me if you would like PLR rights to sell them)

  • q-iconAre There Any One-Time-Offers After This Page?

    No. That’s it. I don’t believe in subjecting my customers to endless offers, only what they need or could benefit from to prosper online. Thanks for your patience today and I wish you much success.

OK, It's make your mind up time...

You've seen the samples,

So by now you should be ready to either hit that button and get access, or you're ready to say no thanks and go to your download page for what you've already ordered. (Thank You)

Only You will know if these would save you time, increase your engagement and conversions etc. - So it's your choice entirely 🙂

Grab them or don't...  Either way, I'll see you on the download page 🙂


Warm Regards

Click Here to Get The Animated FunnelClips »YES! I'm Ready to Start Adding Funnel Clip Videos To My Sites & Pages Today
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