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Unless you've been offline for the last few months, the chances are you’ve heard of something coming from the European Union (EU) called GDPR.

GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”.

Because this is an EU law, don’t let that make you think it doesn’t apply to you - it does, regardless of where you are in the world (unless you want to prevent the 500 million people in the EU from visiting your site or buying from you).

It’s complex.

It’s full of legalese.

It’s a cash cow for high paid lawyers and compliance companies.

But still… cannot ignore it.

I know that you are probably like me… you want to run your business and not spend time in some boring new regulation, so dealing with GDPR is not fun, but it is a necessary evil. (although I know a lot of online friends who are just RISKING it, due to the complexities of complying!)

You’ve probably been getting all sorts of updates from big brands and sites, and this is why - it must be taken seriously.

If you do not comply with it, you can be subject to huge fines, regardless of where you are in the world. If you ignore this, you risk your business - it’s that simple.

Even more importantly, global payment providers like paypal put huge emphasis on compliance with laws where their users operate, and anyone not towing the line could easily find themselves no longer welcome.

So… where does that leave you?

In need of a GDPR solution.

And I have that solution for YOU!

I tried a good few 'easy fix' solutions, BUT most left something out and suggested a bodged way around one or two elements of the law 🙁

That said - When I saw GDPRmySite, and actually tested it myself... I was so impressed, I bought the rights to this new app!

I call it...


Like you and I, the creators company needed to get GDPR compliant so his team got busy creating an easy to use app that will add all the compliance info we ALL need, on any website, in any app and on any marketing page.

They set out to make something simple, but effective.

They did not want to spend ages having to set stuff up manually for the 100s of sites they operate, and instead wanted one central app or hub that can control it all.

GDPRmySite is the answer.

First, let me backtrack a little and let you know some of the things

GDPR requires you to do:

  • ALL Your sites and apps must have a cookie consent option (this has been required for a while now)
  • Your sites need a detailed Privacy Policy
  • Your sites need a detailed Terms & Conditions document
  • You are required to have a cookie policy
  • You must give users a way to request to see all the data you hold on them
  • You must give users a way to request that you delete all the data you have on them (ie: the right to 'be forgotten')

So, to comply with that you would need to add a new app to do the cookie consent and lots of new web pages covering the different policies, then another app to handle data requests.

In other words…..a massive time consuming pain that will take you away from your business, and mire you in the boring (but essential) stuff everyone hates (unless they are a lawyer).

GDPRmySite handles all of the above for you, and a whole lot more.


Check out Everything GDPRmySite Does:

Works on every website

This was built to work in all existing apps, sales pages and more…regardless of if they are normal HTML, wordpress or some 3rd party page builder.

You simply create your GDPR campaign and copy and paste 1 single line of code, then you are done. The GDPRmySite app will appear on that site, and add everything you need.


Cookie consent app

Cookie consent is where users must agree for you to create cookies. Cookies are essential for most marketing functions, so getting users to agree is important, and doing it without agreement is illegal. Normally you would need a special script, app or plugin just for this. We handle it for you right inside GDPRmySite.


Use on 1 site or unlimited sites

We understand some of you may just have 1 site while others may have a whole set of sites and apps. We have options for both, with the unlimited sites being the best value (and on sale as a special offer during this deal).


Full customisation

You can edit and customise all the content that is created inside GDPRmySite, and even add videos and images to what is shown to users. You can control fonts, colours… everything. This makes sure you are compliant, without it ruining the look of your site or app.


Data request system

You need to give users a way to request all the data you hold on them. In GDPRmySite we have built this request function into the app. Users fill out the form, the request hits your inbox and then you can comply with their request and give them the data they need.


Data deletion request system

Users can also contact you to ask that they be “forgotten” which in practice means, all the data you have on them is deleted. This is another function we have automated. Users simply fill in the form, click submit and it comes to you for you to act on it.


Cloud hosted

You don’t need to download or install a single thing. Simply log in, click create, add some basic info and save it. Then copy and paste the 1 line of code to the site you need to make compliant, and you are done.


Lightning fast

Trying to become GDPR compliant without GDPRmySite would require 3 or 4 apps, lots of coding and multiple edits of a lot of sites. Our app makes it as fast as it can possibly be, all without needing any technical skills.


All in 1 place

With GDPRmySite, ALL your GDPR compliance is in one place. If you need to add a new T+C, you can do it for ALL your sites by simply making 1 edit. This is a huge time saver! Imagine how long it would take if you used a plugin or manual code, and you had to edit it in 10+ places?


Location intelligence

You can set up your GDPR campaign to show only to visitors to your site from the EU, or if you want you can set it to show to everyone... it's up to you, we have built this function into the app to give you maximum flexibility.


Consent logging

As part of GDPR, you must log when a user accepts your terms and thereby consents to your use of their data. We have built this into the app, and all consent data is stored and can be accessed at any time.


D-Day For GDPR Compliance Was...

May 25th 2018

and GDPRmySite can have everything in place for you in only 3 easy steps. (see below)

  • 1

    Create your campaign

  • 2

    Add your details

  • 3

    Copy and Paste 1 line of code


You need GDPRmySite right now, so act fast and take advantage of this special discount price - putting it off can put your entire business at risk.

GDPRmySite is the only app I've have seen that lets you do “1 line copy and paste” to put your site on the path of GDPR compliance, and lets you manage everything from one central location (a huge time saver).


30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I am confident that GDPRmySite will be a huge time saver for your business and make managing the GDPR process as simple as painless as it can be.

However, if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason simply contact me for a hassle free refund any time with your first 30 days.

My Support desk is at

You have nothing to lose by buying a copy today, and countless hours of your time to gain.

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Pretty soon, any business that ignores GDPR is going to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

You wouldn’t have a payment page without securing it.

You wouldn’t have a sales page without guarantees, trust and full disclosure.

You wouldn’t sell an app that was not fully compliant with the law.

… so do not permit any of the above to breach this new GDPR law.

Customers buy from those they trust, and this new benchmark will make your customers confident that you respect them, treat their data correctly and are operating within the law.