Dear Friend,

You've heard the old proverb, probably since before you could walk.  It goes something like this:  "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he eats for life."

Well, the same thing goes for marketing strategies too.

It's one thing to read up on something and make a vow to include it in your business. 

It's quite another when you find yourself overwhelmed and falling back into the same old habits -- not because you wanted to, but because your mind tells you "this is how it's done" (the old way).

It's too easy to switch to automatic pilot -- and that's the reason people mess up, all with the best of intentions.

It's why they rush tasks they should linger over, forget crucial steps and lose sight of the forest for that one, solitary little tree.

Before you know it, they're way off the path, realizing they're lost.  All with the best of intentions.

The best habits to acquire are ones that make your life better.  There's a payoff, and that's why people actually do adopt them when switching to new habits is normally hard to do.  Either they're fun, or they offer big, tangible rewards... or they simply make life easier.

Well, using Funnel Vision planning in your business can do all that for you.

The whole trick is...remembering to use the sales funnel model in the first place.

It should feel as natural as breathing:  And that's what this set of four lessons does for you.

It doesn't just show you a pointy little diagram (though you'll see lots of those too):  It helps you deeply understand sales funnel thinking.  And once you get the principle behind the tool, it can transform your online life.

Yes, that's right.  Successful entrepreneurs have been using the sales funnel model for well over one hundred years.

And -- like all great salesmen and business minds -- they've adapted it, inverted it, and applied it to all sorts of online goals and problems; all to good effect and lots of juicy profit.

But here's the problem...

Recognizing a pyramid when you see one isn't going to transform anything or anyone.  You need to shift your mindset through repeated exposure.

You need to shift your mindset through experiencing the feeling of success.

That's what you'll get when you invest in my Funnel Visions package today.

Here's what you'll instantly access...

4 Lessons: 10 pages each with screenshots, diagrams and illustrations

 4 Homework Assignments: To cement what you've been reading and help you make it part of your thinking

 4 Checklists: That you can refer to, any time, to help jolt you back on target

And the habit of "funnel thinking" finally embedded in your subconscious, when you're done.

Take the challenge, and help yourself to the power of sales funnel thinking. If you don't find it's changed your patterns and habits for the better, remember there's a money-back, risk free guarantee waiting for you!

Lesson #1: Practical Research and Planning shows you:
  • WHAT areas you can shortcut -- and what you can't
  • HOW to develop an instinct for what's going to rock your customer's world
  • WHY they're going to buy from you again, next time -- and how you can ensure they will
  • WHEN to progress to the next step (and how to do it without gaps or bumps)
You'll make it harder for your customer to refuse than to part with their all-important contact information.  In fact, the'll want to sign up, after you've expertly put to use:
  • 7 tips to make it easy for them to say "yes!"
  • 2 currently-trending, information gathering tools (and a crash course on how to use them)
  • 3 vital questions to ask yourself, when putting on your customer's pinching shoes
  • 8 other ways to gather information you can actually put to good use

As for you, you won't be intimidated any longer by adding new tricks to your bag.  Knowing how to do this and what you need to know will give you the confidence to gallop on to the next step...

Lesson #2: Giving Your Customer their Big Dream

This lesson acknowledges that it's not enough to know who your potential customers are... it's how to approach them.  And this easy but profound lesson will help you turn this into an easy task.

You'll follow five simple steps...
  • Step one: Identification
  • Step Two: Establishing a rapport
  • Step Three: Your irresistible offer
  • Step Four: Dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s
  • Step Five: Making it real
...Making it real -- not just to your customer, but to you.  You'll really believe you can do this, because the steps are so easy to set in motion.  And as you're working your way through the lessons...

We're using the principles of repetition and visual cuing, to help you grasp on a deeper-than-conscious level what sales funnel thinking is really all about.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here...  Let's continue on to:

Lesson #3: What Mistakes Can Teach You.

Now, you probably know I'm not one for negative focusing.  But taking a bird's eye look at commonly-repeated sales funnel mistakes can be a very positive thing!

It can help you avoid potential hazards before you've ever set pen to paper.

Knowing the Top Ten Mistakes, laid out in simple point form, is an eye-opening revelation.

And these mistakes are all ones that even the most well-meaning entrepreneurs fall into -- with fatal ease.

You'll want to quickly learn about:
  • How to identify (and steer away from) people who make enthusiastic noises, but never buy
  • The eerily similar mistake that's a lot more scary -- and why you're likely to get trapped by it, even if you've avoided mistake # 1
  • The third most common mistake, made right at the mouth of your funnel.  (This one probably loses more subscriber prospect than all the others alone!)
  • Not planning for the segment where you'll find the most "gold".  And why you're doing not only yourself, but your customers, a disservice by taking this segment for granted
  • Not realizing where 90% of your profit will ultimately be made
  • Not having a clear grasp of specific tools you need (and how and when to use them)
  • The 12 most crucial assets you need, if your funnel is going to function at all!
  • 5 other mistakes -- and each one is crucial to recognize and run from
And this lesson contains even more!  Psychology, bottlenecks (and the two-step process to quickly clear them), sabotaging your profit potential -- it's all in there, waiting for you to absorb.

Claim These Powerful Lessons for Yourself or Your Clients and Customers Today

But wait -- we haven't hit the highlights yet for Lesson 4...

Lesson #4: Mastering Back End Thinking

-- You may have even heard that "the money is in the back end".

But it's not the back end you need to understand alone -- it's back end thinking.

This is where all four lessons come together, so that you're thinking in a way that brings the most cash before you've ever begun to plan... naturally.   (There's a sneaky little "test" in this particular lesson that will quickly show you how effective the lessons have already been.  See if you can spot it.)

(I'll give you a hint:  It has something to do with towels and socks!)

But fun and games aside, this lesson will help you to understand and assimilate:
  • Exactly why focusing on the back end pleases -- and profits -- everyone
  • 9 basic offer types you can use (and that's just the beginning)
  • Understanding your customer's attitude will be based on these 3 factors
  • Using the sales funnel model to expand your business thinking right across the board
  • 6 ways to keep up the momentum, once you've passed the first "hurdle"
  • 2 simple facts to point out to your customers... do this successfully and they'll rush to buy
  • The secret of which advertising models to use -- and whether to go for CPM or PPC
  • 3 instant ways to tweak your ads -- and one easy way to gain an accurate advertising overview
  • Understanding the ONE simple exception to the sales funnel "rule" -- and why it's so important that you do so
  • Training your brain to "sort" all your simultaneous strategies so they dance together in harmony (instead of overwhelming your brain!)
This lesson also includes a simple but useful worksheet... so you can problem-solve using the sales funnel model any time.

This series isn't as "what to do next" as some we've done before... but it will get under your skin and embed itself into your core thinking.

And that's what creating more profit and focusing on back-end sales while easily keeping an overview is all about!

(And we haven't even told you about:
  • Making sure you've really "got" the bigger picture
  • How to begin where you leave off, so your flow is always seamless
  • 5 ways to prevent subscribers leaving your funnel before they buy (or just afterwards)
  • 5 ways to sweeten your funnel and instantly create a subscriber/customer turnaround
  • The one, most important, non-standard offering to add, once you've made that initial product sale (it's one that can net you big bucks!)
  • How to give a membership site transparently real value (and turn it into your own valuable testing ground)
  • The one "gift" to give faithful customers -- that hardly any other marketer thinks to use
  • Why funnel thinking comes back to you and starts giving you more than you've invested (on so many levels)
A sales funnel is more than more than just a funny diagram:  It's your easy blueprint for a more successful and fulfilling life.

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Funnel Vision

To your online success!
  Simon Phillips
Randy Smith

P.S. If it doesn't rock your socks, remember you can always get a full refund within 30 days of ordering -- so start funnel thinking today!

P.P.S. Remember, this is not about slogging your way through tactics you'll quickly forget.  It's about changing the way you think, as easily as breathing. 

This may actually be the paradigm shift (and breakthrough) that moves you out of circling mode and down onto the runway, so order it now and put these 4 easy lessons to work for you.

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