Today I have a post for you that I hope,
and do believe, will help increase your
Open Rates and thereby get more eyeballs
on your offers and Calls To Action.

On my coaching calls I often find myself
discussing Email Marketing.
This usually comes around the time of our
members launches, as they suddenly add hundreds
of subscribers to their lists, But then want to
know what to do next.

The obvious answer is to send emails that help
your subscribers, build your reputation AND
relationship with your list, and do so often to
maintain that relationship and earn commissions
from products or services you recommend!

Easier said that done for a lot of folks!

Well I do have a reputation for ‘being good at
email marketing’ and though I’m happy to see people
praise me publicly, I’m not one to brag and boast.

That said – I am very happy with my readers reactions
to my email, and their replies, and especially my
higher than industry average Open Rates.

But I also appreciate that so many just see what everyone
else is doing, as we all get more and more daily emails,
all demanding our attention, and promising that if we open
today’s email – we’ll discover the best thing since sliced

Until tomorrows email arrives, and that one is now the
best thing we can’t afford to miss!

Then of course, after a few days of the same
‘COPY & PASTE Swipes’ that Every Marketer and His Dog
are sending, we start to become jaded and turned off,
our attention span gets shorter, and we start to
unsubscribe or simply IGNORE those emails!

Now I’ll be the first to admit there’s a lot to writing
emails that get opened, get attention, get the clicks,
and build that reputation we all want with our readers.

We’d love them to stay subscribed for years, and always
look forward to opening our emails.

But what can a newer, less experienced marketer do, to
differentiate themselves from ‘the crowd’?

Well that’s where I’m hoping my SINGLE ADDITION Tip
will help!

Whether you give it a try is your choice, but what have
you got to lose?

So here it is:

Add Something (A Single thing) that makes YOUR email
different to everybody elses!
Something that gives your readers a REASON to keep your
email, as they mass delete dozens or more others, before
investing their time in Opening yours among their favourite

A Pattern Interrupt By Way of…

Listen, When all of us see our inbox filled with marketing
emails promoting today’s best thing since…

We save our favourite marketers email to actually open.
Now if you’re an established guru with a huge following
and provide value in each and every email,
OR if you have a list so HUMONGOUS that even 5-7% Open
Rates get you hundreds of clicks and a heap of daily
sales and commissions, then feel free to carry on.

But if you’re new to email marketing, new to sending regular
emails to your list, and haven’t yet built a reputation…

That doesn’t stop you from building your relationship, and
having your emails eagerly anticipated, and marked as a
Keeper To Open and Read!

And before you become a master wordsmith and engage your
audience with some smooth writing, hot actionable tips,
insights they’ll benefit from etc.

You can start by adding a single pattern interrupt that
will begin the process of getting your emails added to a
that list of ones to keep.

That Something Extra most don’t do.

I’d love to have time to get into why using swipe emails
from an affiliate page the same as everybody else is not
a great idea, and how using them as inspiration, but
actually rewriting them based on your own reviews and
findings etc. can (and does) help!

But today we’re focusing on that Single Addition that
even a newbie, sending out their first email, can start
using Right Away.

And that is to add ‘Daily Curiosity’ by way of an additional
element you can acquire free, and simply paste in a P.S.

I say ‘Daily Curiosity’ because I know we are all different,
and what I do might makes other uncomfortable, so I’m about
to share My Personal one, along with a few ideas for you to
Ideas that I hope might spur on your own imagination to
think of other alternatives You would be happy to add and
see a difference in your daily open rates!

(By The Way – this also helps with retention, keeping
people on your list even on days they aren’t in a
spending mood, or are too busy working on their
business to bother with a lot of emails!)

Mine is a ‘Daily Smile!’

At the bottom of every broadcast email I send, I include
a ‘daily smile’ – a Joke, a funny story, even borderline
rude or offensive ones, which does get rid of any complainers
early on, But Also ensure most of my readers Look Forward to
my email, in order to have their daily smile!

So that ensures they open my email each and every day, and
has me at triple the industry average Open Rates!

Now I realise some people might not be comfortable sending
jokes, and don’t want to differentiate themselves in a
way some might find non business like.

Hence the further suggestions.
(Cos the principle is the same!)

Your daily pattern interrupt (daily curiosity) might be:

A Daily Joke (like mine)

A Daily Spiritual Quote

A Daily Business Quote

A Daily Self Help/Personal Development Quote

A Daily Movie Quote (that may fall into one of the above)

A Daily Darwin Award short

A Daily On This Day in History short

A Daily Did You Know fact

I hope there’s something in the above list you can
search for, feel happy to use, or at least get ideas
of your own from 🙂

Personally, I subscribe to sites that send me my daily
bits by email, and copy them into a text file to pick one
from for each email I write.

And YES.

My readers reply almost daily with a comment about how
my daily smile gave them a giggle on an otherwise boring day,
or how they stay on my list because they look forward to
their daily smile.
How they don’t buy stuff every week, but keep reading,
stay subscribed, and do use my links when they want something.

And as mentioned – I get the odd unsubscribe from someone
telling me I’m going to hell, or how unprofessional I am.
Which is fine, as I genuinely believe I’d struggle to help
them as a customer, cos we can’t get on with every person
on the planet. So at least I know those who stick around,
reply to my emails, stay subscribed, and buy through my
links are all people I can get on with and have a conversation
with by email reply.
And they usually, and so far have, been staying on my list
for years! (while still opening my emails daily!)

So there you have it – One of my Secrets to having a
reputation for being good at email marketing.
And one I genuinely hope will help a lot of my readers to
increase and maintain their open rates and thereby the
results of their email marketing 🙂

Finally – if you’re interested in Coaching, Or want to
Discover The Simple Formula For Automated Sales & Success!

(or just have the facility to speak to a coach each and
every week if required)
Watch the webinar above, and learn.
(Take actionable notes and put them to use!)
Then stick around for the coaching offer at the end.

Finally – if you’re not on my list – feel free to
join it if you want a daily smile along with my ramblings.






P.S. No Joke (this isn’t one of my emails) 😉
Just the usual – Please feel free to Like/Share/Comment
and spread the word if you found this useful.

    29 replies to "A Single Addition To Your Emails – That Always Increase Opens!"

    • I love the one about the daily Darwin award. Having been a biologist when young, Darwin awards really get me smiling. Must look those up.

    • Believe it or not, I once had an entire website with “On This Day in History” shorts – and it flopped. Hadn’t ever thought about reusing that content (which had some pretty interesting tidbits) in my email newsletter! Thanks for the lovely suggestion, Randy.

      I knew something especially good would come from reading your daily emails – in addition to the smiles, even occasional LOLs 🙂

    • Hi Randy, this is such a simple but effective strategy you are presenting here. As someone who already receives your emails I must say I look forward to your daily commentary about what’s happening in your household and in your business. And then there’s the joke of the day…..just love it. You’ve inspired me to do something similar. Thanks again for sharing Randy 🙂

    • Thanks Randy – Despite my being notoriously bad at following your advice in a timely fashion I do finally get around to doing things you have suggested. This one seems a “natural” for me so it is likely to happen right away.
      Maybe I won’t begin with “How to Win a Darwin Award Without Even Trying”, but even that one would be a step along the way!!
      PS: Don’t judge by this Web Site I’m using, even though it may be a sign of my massive progress!!!!!!

    • I love most of your daily smiles and also appreciate your family updates. I am working on getting my emails to be more approachable and open like yours are. Am only a few weeks into mailing my still very small list but I figure now’s the time to get this started. Thanks as always for your suggestions, reviews, and smiles!

    • Thanks, Randy your salt of the earth approach to marketing has kept me in the game on many occasions when i was contemplating making an exit, now the goal is in sight and You are one of a handful who can take a bow

    • This is a great idea to make the emails stand out.

      I’ll have a think about what would work best for our disability community and give this a go.

      My Disability Matters Community

    • Another thought after posting the comment.

      Suggest you install and use the subscribe to comments reloaded plugin or another plugin/service such as replyable by Postmatic so that we get notified of replies to our comments to keep the conversations going.


    • Great article Randy. This has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me. I have always wondered what to write to subscribers.

      I plan to use this to help me touch the subscribers on my list. I’ll be adding more of me to my emails from here forward and a little inspiration too.



    • I love receiving your email, Randy. Of course not only for the daily smiles, but they are one of the reasons.
      As most probably everyone who commented, I am on a lot of lists of other marketers, but I haven’t seen anyone else doing it.
      In fact, it’s a brilliant idea. It’s quick, easy and it makes you unique. Isn’t that what we all want to be? 🙂
      Looking already forward to your next email.


    • Thanks very much for the suggestions. Since am just getting my feet wet and don’t have a mailing list yet your suggestions should prove to be very helpful!

    • Hey Randy,Thanks for sharing this.
      I Have just re-started my journey into online business and it’s nice to see people I came across 10 years ago still going strong, especially as this. can be a very fickle industry. To me, This shows you really care about your community and share information that actually works and for that I thank you.
      Look forward to being part of your community again.
      All the best

    • Randy,

      I’ am one of your subscribers that yes, have purchased but, routinely open your e-mails. I read the family stuff without skipping anything, then your product reviews if any and of course your hot sheet as I have found some items I can put to good use once I figure them out. But, to be totally honest, the highlight of your e-mails for me is your ‘Smile” section. Especially your invitation to unsubscribe if they can’t take the heat.
      There is another marketer that does something similar, however; I find his come across much more crass and crude.
      Thanks for the good tidbits, product reviews, reminders that even marketers that have made it have issues with servers, sites, etc. and balancing work and family. Oh and of course, thanks for the smiles.

    • Great advice here. i am building my email list and will take on board your suggestions and see how it all plays out.

    • Randy, love this type of PS thought, but many of us struggle so much to write “good” e-mail content, we’re sometimes tired of the post by the time we’ve built the crux of it and then to find a humourous anecdote or inspirational quote can be quite hard.

      I wonder if there is a simple plug-in you can grab that has 1000+ inspirational quotes or message and they automatically get added to your e-mail when it is posted. If not, I’l copy writing that idea before anyone of you lot grabs it and make millions out of it?

      Keep up the good work


      PS Today’s inspirational quote (of sorts) By Lance Armstrong – “Pain is Temporary, but Quitting is Permanent” and he should know!

      • RandySmith

        There’s a thought for a product Dave 🙂
        As for Lance Armstrong…. He won a shed load of medals riding his bike on drugs!
        I can’t even get to the corner shop on drugs, so don’t know the guy!! 😉

    • Wise words Randy! Thanks for that tip, just when I needed it 🙂

    • Hi Randy,
      Davey Jones here….Nope , not the Monkees guy. lol.
      I love your rambles and the tip today was just what I needed. I’m just newly started so whatever I can get to help me in the right direction is much appreciated.
      I’ll look to implement this right away.


    • Amazing! I am happy I read through this! I am right now utilizing AdSense and amazon offshoots, however, I discovered that I can do as such a great deal more! Much thanks to you for the greater part of your marvelous guidance!

    • Just started an idea and discovered your info. Very helpful. I am over 50 and a little late in the tech game because of past jobs that required little or no time in front of a computer. I am a very good writer with many published articles to my name over the years BUT now journal writing by hand does little or no good in the world of tech. When I get this blogging thing going, it is gonna explode.
      I really appreciate your advice. All the best!

    • . As someone who already receives your emails I must say I look forward to your daily commentary about what’s happening in your household and in your business. And then there’s the joke of the day…..just love it. You’ve inspired me to do something similar. Thanks a lot for this information.

    • I have to agree, I myself look forward to the daily smile. I have even stolen some of them to post on Facebook. This post does give one some things to consider. I myself have had a poor open rate. I do think after reading this I will be able to change that.

    • Excellent advice and post Randy. Many times I think we get caught up in the moment by sending the same stuff everyone else does.

      Being different can help separate you from the crowd.

      I always enjoy reading your emails. Your sense of humor is a breath of fresh air.

    • Thanks for this great post, Randy. In these times it’s vital that we stand out from the crowd. Your suggestions are so simple yet so powerful.

    • Hi Randy,

      I have well to be indelicate a nonexistent email list at this stage, however, I see that as an opportunity to learn some good habits from scratch. Thanks for the post and the inspiration.

    • Hey Randy,

      Thanks for the tips! This is my first visit to your blog and I see why you are successful. you are definitely an inspiration for us all!

      Thanks again!

      Richard Sambrano

    • Hi Randy,

      So glad I clicked on this post! I have been trying to think of something extra to add to my emails to stand out. Didn’t think about adding a joke or quote. Good way to engage with your list in every email.

      Thanks for posting,

      Roger Alberty

    • Sound advice Randy! Must try this out for my own list. The idea of adding a daily quote or whatever sounds so simple when you put it that way. I can easily do this and see what type of reaction I get from my list. Cheers!

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