Hi there and thanks for popping by,
and I do hope you enjoy this short

If Nothing Else, You’ll at least have a
story to pass on to those you care
(But hey, You might also benefit
Yourself. So please read on.)

I’m sure, like most people, you pass on
lots of ‘Advice & Wisdom’ handed down to
you from previous generations?

Well there’s one piece of advice my
Father always told me when I was growing
That seems to apply EVEN MORE TODAY!

He Once sat me down as I prepared for
adulthood and told me the following






“Once Upon A Time,
There lived a very wise and benevolent
King, and as he went through life trying
to pass his wisdom on to all the people
of his realm, it dawned on him that he
couldn’t speak to them all individually.

So he gathered around him a team of the
most educated and experienced teachers
from all walks of life and set a task
upon them.

“I wish to pass on the wisdom of the
ages to all my subjects” He told them,
“Go forth and write down what my people
need to know about life” was his

After Twelve years they presented before
the King a 50 volume encyclopedia ‘The
Wisdom Of The Ages’







The King was impressed as he studied
it’s contents… BUT
“This is a great work indeed” he stated
“However – some of my people would never
find room for such a massive volume of
works, Take it away and condense it He
commanded “So all may have the wisdom
regardless of where they dwell!”

Six years later they returned to present
to the King a Single heavy book ‘The
Condensed Wisdom Of The Ages’








Again the King was impressed and most
pleased – But again he sat and thinking
for a moment said to his team,

“You’ve done a fine job and this is
truly a great work, However – what of
those subjects who are too weak or too
poor to carry or own such a heavy book?”

Looking up he again praised them but
added “I believe we are getting there –
and with more effort we truly will have
something that will teach all, The
Wisdom Of The Ages”

Once again he sent them off to further
condense the material.

After Four more years they stood before
the King, This time they were taking no

“Your Majesty we believe we have what
you really want your people to know, and
now it is condensed to but a chapter of








The King, now beginning to age himself,
took out his reading glasses, and having
read the chapter of text, once again
looked towards his advisors and spoke…

“I am amazed and thrilled with what you
have accomplished, Here you have given
me something which any of my subjects
could carry with them, and it truly does
reflect ‘The Wisdom Of The Ages’ “

The team smiled, until one of them saw the
King appear to be in deep thought,
nudging the others – they all paused as
the King once again looked toward them
and said ….

“I am so impressed by what you have
accomplished over the years – that I’m
sure given more time, Even this chapter
could be further condensed….. That
even those subjects who cannot read May
Know – The Wisdom Of The Ages. Before I
die I should be most proud if together
we could achieve this!”

Finally One year later, they returned to
the King one last time.
Handing him nought but a small note
whilst bowing down before him.








The King looked at the note, and
throwing aside his cane he threw his
hands into the air and praised the

“Hallelujah” He cried…
He then ordered his treasurer to grant
all of the advisors a bonus of Ten Years

“This is the most remarkably
thing anyone has ever accomplished – it
Truly is ‘The Wisdom Of The Ages’, and
what’s more every subject in my kingdom
will be able to remember this whether
they can read or not, I am the happiest
I could be…. Thank you for making this
possible, your efforts will be a
blessing upon my people for centuries to

And here the story ends, my father said.

“And would you like to know what was
written on that note”, My father asked?

“Of Course” said Iā€¦ who wouldn’t want to
know what all those years of research
and study has concluded to…

My father smiled and looked me in the
eye – “Here are the nine simple words on
that note son… Remember them well and
they will serve you all your life”

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!








Can you relate to that story?… I know
I’ve held that belief to be true all of
my adult life.

In this day and age the same rules and
advice still seem to apply.

And yet, after considering the Kings
Advice, and wanting to create something
that ALL PEOPLE can use to Improve their
lot in life… It inspired me to share
something that I hope will be as CLOSE
to a Free Lunch as we can get!

Something for People like You and Me who
have to work for what we get,
But do not have the time to study year
after year like a philosopher at the
kings court, of a highly paid exec of a
multi-national company.

(The real Keys To Success so to speak!)









Just Simple but practical training that
the layman can use to create an Online
Income to benefit their family…

It Will cost you 90 minutes of your time
(Told you it was only CLOSE to a free









And quite honestly, there is an offer at
the end of the training, Take the offer
or ignore it, Your choice. But do watch
the training if you are considering an
adventure in making money online šŸ™‚

Presenting the:
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    8 replies to "“Ancient Kings Wisdom – Does it Still Apply in 21st Century Marketing?”"

    • That story really led me on to find out what it could be condensed down into!

    • Even today, that is true. I first heard the phrase many years ago, though not from my father but I never heard the story before – like that one! My current saying when people wonder why certain things are happening is, “Follow The Money”. And I think that ties in very closely with “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”!

    • Thanks for the ‘parable’ it fits well. Reminded me of both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.
      Ronald used the quote at one stage. That started the excessive focus of some governments on the bottom line.
      There are areas of government that need to be run for the people and not run like corporations.
      For what it’s worth my pick for these would be health, education and infrastructure.

    • This is a great story, Randy… one I’ve not previously read or heard. It’s a great example for me how a really well-told story can engage the reader. Storytelling is a true art form as you know, and you do it well in your emails I’ve been reading since starting P2S six weeks ago. My parents told me lots of stories growing up… mostly true ones about various family members. I developed a love of history through my connection with simple, everyday stories. That’s really what history boils down to, though, isn’t it? Good storytelling makes for interesting history. When I left home for the first time at 17, I was headed from Missouri to New York where I was to begin a 4 year journey as a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point. She had prepared a handwritten note which she gave me just before I got on my first-ever plane. She’d written the note the night before as she knew, I’m sure, that her words would not be easy upon my departure (first of 3 children to leave the nest). I remember several things she said, but the one imprinted on the hard drive of my memory to this day was this. “Keep everything in its proper perspective.” I didn’t understand it then but I’ve come to understand it well over my 72 years in this earth school of ours. Experience has taught me time and time again that every situation and everything is relative. Perspective is what helps us sort through life and keep our wits about us. Nevermore true than during these crazy times in which we’re living now. So in terms of Ancient King’s Wisdom and the Meaning of Life, I think that phrase ranks pretty high on the list. Thanks for a great story with this post and your attention to the details that make it so. I will share this wonderful piece with my grandchildren! šŸ˜€
      — Dan (upstate New York)

    • Wow Randy, great story. Although I have heard the phrase many times, that story will stay in my mind and therefore bring the saying to me whenever I need to remember it.
      I have also enjoyed reading the comments from your readers.

      until next time

    • Hello, You have a beautiful blog here! I am in John Thornhill’s P2S training program & wanted to visit your blog & invite you to visit & leave a good comment on my blog as well, my best to you! Visit greggschena.com

    • Hello Randy! Loved the story!!! Sadly the wisdom in those nine words escapes so many now. People forget that there is a feeling of satisfaction from accomplishing something with a bit of work or, as some say here, “some skin in the game”. That is one reason I love the P2S program, it reminds me of a parable I have heard often in my life, “give a man a fish and feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”. Keep up the great work! ~ DonJThompson.com

    • I truly enjoyed your story Randy. You had me on the edge of my seat with curiosity. I could not wait to get to the end of the story to discover what they had determined was the wisdom of the ages. Just when I thought the answer was going to be given, I discovered that I had arrived at another cliff hanger. Those moments kept me involved with your story.

      This was a good use of tickling the curiosity of people.

      A “Free Lunch” implies getting something for nothing. For all of us who have lived on this planet for some time, we know that everything comes with a cost. For those who are given free items, those items had to be paid by someone. There was an indirect cost for receiving the item or benefit for free.

      In the real world of benefits and costs, some type of energy and effort must be expended so that a benefit or benefits may be extracted and experienced.

      Let me start with an example that may NOT seem to be connected. For this example, I will call my make believe character Betty.

      Betty was given an all expense paid trip to appear on the “Wheel of Fortune.”

      Betty ended up winning the showcase. After spinning the wheel and guessing the puzzle, she won a very expensive car.

      The retail sales price was paid by the sponsor of the show. Unfortunately, Betty did not know or realize that she had to pay sales tax on the car.

      Though she won the car, she did not actually get it for free.

      My next example character is called William. William is always thinking about being a body builder. There is only one problem. When he goes to the gym, he watches other people working out and doing all of the things that are necessary to develop a body builder physique. When he goes home, he plops down on the coach, wipes his face with a towel and sighs as he says “man that was a beast of work out.”

      If William continues to do that, we all know that he will never become a body builder no matter how much he dreams of one day looking like “I’ll Be Back” Arnold.


      He did not put in the required effort and the necessary work.

      Most things that seem free are never totally free. They require some type of cost be that mental or physical effort or the most valuable asset which is time.

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