I have a video for you today šŸ™‚

In it I’ll show you how to create a Signature
image to use on your sites, pages, posts or
where ever you want to add one to look more

AND – You get to chose a Static signature
OR a Moving gif,

Like these examples:

What’s more – It’s actually SUPER EASY
as I demonstrate below:



The site to go to is:

It’s free to use and you don’t even
need to register.

I actually created a similar video a year ago
and once before that too. So the site has
been around for a good while, and they seem
to have added more features that may benefit
you since I first discovered it.

So take a look around, and I hope it proves
beneficial to you.

OK – Short & Simple.
(And I do like simple) šŸ˜‰



    1 Response to "Create a Free Signature for your sites (Video of me doing it)"

    • Excellent Randy, thanks for showing how to create a sig for our blog posts and websites. I came across and used this site years ago but had forgotten about it now. Great timing as I am creating my blog site from scratch now (as you are lol).

      Keep up the great work and thanks for the tips šŸ™‚

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