Todays Ramble is a cross over..
Part Just me rambling on, and part techy!

The just me rambling on part is about the advice on
Legal pages, or GDPR, Or Cookie Consent, or the host
of other bits and bobs we’re all now supposed to have
on our websites!

It’s confusing to say the least.
And that’s just from reading the Governments
‘Guidelines’ on what they THINK the laws mean!

Well IF they have to give a guide on what they
THINK it means – how the heck are us non-legalese
speaking folk supposed to have a clue?

I see – we’re supposed to go pay a small fortune
to a qualified legal professional!
Have you see the prices these people charge?

Joking aside…
Who said I was Joking???
(Stop talking to yourself Randy… Can’t!… OK)

No seriously – I did what I’m sure MOST online marketers
haven’t done.
I let a friend, who owns some large online companies,
invest a few thousand in a pro legal firm, then asked
them all about it!


Then I asked the guy at that firm to give me a brief
summary of everything, and a price for how much.
After rejecting the idea of paying hundreds of dollars,
I compared the advice with a lot, and I DO MEAN A LOT
of the varying plugins, free to use forms, software apps
That all claim to help us become compliant.

I also noted how many overseas friends not living within
the EU, decided to just IGNOR the law
(THAT THEIR Legal Boffins & Politicians SIGNED UP TO!),
because they THINK It doesn’t apply to them.

(Guys – Your country has AGREED and signed up to these
laws and allowing the EU to hammer you with fines, in
exchange for us all agreeing top a heap of your ones…
THERE REALLY IS NO ESCAPING Governments… they do make
the rules)

– I bodged together all the bits I thought I needed,
only to go overboard with stuff that isn’t even required
now. Just to continue trading and at least I had tried
(which apparently, is a good sign, and puts me at the
back end of the list for when they do their rounds and
check to see whom they can fine?)


Then recently, I saw an App that actually does give
EVERYTHING that first legal professional said I would need.

Whats more – it does it EASILY!
– and with just one line of code to add to my sites,
I’m now fully compliant 🙂

(Sidenote: – For A WordPress Site, it’s one line of code
added into a Free Plugin)

So yep – I bought the app, and as you can see, it adds
what I need and even does the cookie accepetance thing
included (that was a separate plugin on my previous
incarnations of the legal crap)

THEN After the creator of the app had made enough sales
himself – He released a version I could buy the rights to.

So I Did 🙂

After all – I figured why not.. for a few hundred dollars,
I now have a software App that genuinely makes life a
heck of a lot easier for all my marketing friends.

I know I may have missed the boat as the laws all changed
back in May 2018.
But with seeing so many friends either not bothering,
or complaining at the high costs of Professional legal
help, (and how any hobbyist is supposed to afford them
– when they only make a few hundred a month etc.),
and some STILL waiting for an easier solution, than
bodging a few plugins together and hoping for the best…

I’m hoping I’ll recover my investment, and in time show
a profit 🙂

So allow me to present a link to my new App: cover





Feel free to pop over and take a look at all it can do
so easily for You and you sites.

Or give my purple thingamy a click to check the
legal,privacy,data crap it produces
(all editable in case you have any concerns about
adding your own wording)

And IF it’s of any use to you..
I currently have a coupon available to save more off
the Multisite License (making it cheaper than a single

So add the coupon code: p2sspecial
on the checkout page for the Multisite License 🙂


So there you go, part ramble, part techy 🙂
I hope I’ve not bored you too much, it’s just I know
from coaching, how many people still have no idea what
they’re supposed to have.

Hence the coupon name p2sspecial.

It was intended only for those on John Thornhills
Partnership To Success program.

But I figured why not share it here too, as not everyone
needs step by step coaching for a year, with a guaranteed
promo of what they create following John’s teaching,
as well as one one on calls, live webinar sessions to
add to the step by step weekly video lessons.

OH – Speaking of which…
If you did want some of those benefits, do pop over to
watch John’s FREE Workshop, No obligation, but some great
value and a cool freebie just for attending.

Check that out here:
Free PCW Webinar session.

I’m wandering off topic aren’t I.
My bad.
Check what looks worth checking, and have a great day 🙂

And of course – feel free to share etc.


    5 replies to "My LegalPageCookie Thingamy Updates & my New GDPR App!"

    • Hi Randy,

      This is a very nice Apps for GDPR compliance including legal pages which I can use on my Blog as well as my other websites.

      Thanks for sharing this important App.

    • Hi Randy! I love the way you write your posts. You write like I talk to myself, sssshh. people will get the wrong idea. LOL Anyway, just dropping by to read some posts and love that you have this app. I’m getting it and hope it’s no too techy for me to install the code, plugin and app?? is that right, there are 3 parts to this? Any, talk soon and congrats!

    • Hi Randy.
      Wondering if this eliminates the need for the legal pages plugin recommended in P2S. Does your plugin achieve all in one?


      • RandySmith

        Hi Brian,

        Yes, it does all you need 🙂 – Including cookie consent too.


        • Thanks Randy. Then it’s just what I need. Thanks for posting this info in the Partnership to Success facebook group.


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