A Non-Techy Techy Ramble today…. lol

I’ve said it time and again – I’m useless on all
things techy!

That Said – Years ago I paid people to install
support desks for me, cos they were so complex
to do!

It used to involve things like:
Download the software,
FTP the file to your site,
Create a MySQL database,
Create a MySQL user,
Connect the two,
Right click and change the permissions
(Always dodgy and just a bunch of meaningless
numbers to mess around with)
Then I can’t even remember what else!!

But now, thanks to a nifty app inside cPanel,
it’s a breeze to have one installed and operational
in minutes!

Here’s my video showing the whole process.
(Note: I even mess something up, but it’s so easily
sorted as shown)


The Links:

If you want to check Hesk – Hesk

My Recommended Hosting – D9hosting

My GDPR App for those legal bits – GDPRMySite


And that is all there is to it now.
I do recommend checking the hesk knowledgebase
for more info once you’ve got Your support desk
installed šŸ™‚

And of course – if you’re not getting any support
tickets, maybe take a look at creating some products
of your own for sale?
Here’s a Free To Attend Webinar that contains some
fantastic training, and an offer at the end to be
coached, should you think it could benefit you:)

OK – That’s it for this post.
I hope you benefit from the video šŸ™‚



    6 replies to "The EASIEST Support Desk Install I’ve EVER Seen!"

    • Thanks Randy for showing just how easy it is to setup a helpdesk and install it on a website. I had no idea there were so many goodies lurking in cPanel. Good to know a support facility can be set up so quickly. Great stuff.

    • Hi Randy,
      Softaculous in cPanel makes it really easy to get a lot of scripts installed quickly. When browsing the apps one can find plenty of useful tools that are available in this section.
      Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Randy,
      Thank you for taking the fear out of installing this. I will surely use this help desk as other I have used were much more complicated. I wish I can get the courage to explore more of the ‘goodies’ in cPanel. Maybe when I am retired and want to play around! Thanks.

    • Randy:
      My c panel doesn’t have Softaculous. That meant I would have needed to install it manually. I probably could have done it but for $19.95 they did it for me. It was fast and everything worked. So for those who don’t have the software in their c-panel you can use the installation service. Thanks for the info Randy. It looks like Softaculous has a lot of uses.

    • Hey Randy, this is great content. Is this the only video you’ve done on Hesk? I have looked into them before & was wondering if there was a way to incorporate the help desk ONTO a support page in my wordpress blog rather than be redirected to a separate page all together? Does that make sense?

      • Hey Ted, I just read your comment. You can do this with Plugins, if you search for them in the Add new plugins section of WordPress you can try different ones.

        Can I just advise from some experience, mixing the functions of your website usually ends up causing technical problems.

        So I feel it would be better to have your help desk on a subdomain, then install WordPress again, then install a help desk theme or Plugin if Randy’s post is a bit technical.

        Your hosting may also set this all up for you for free if you ask them?

        I hope that helps Ted.

        Thanks for the Post Randy! Great stuff.

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