In todays post, I’d like to help those who are
new to selling, or writing emails, even blog
posts etc.

By making mention of the ONE thing that results
in people taking action and clicking that
buy/subscribe/share button.

And it’s always as a result of that ONE thing,
no matter how fancy we get with technology
and gimmicks.

Is it the traffic, the email follow ups, the
fancy graphics, or the latest super sizzling


Nor is it the latest flash banners or slick
web design.
It’s not the gimmicks the headers, the entertaining
or funny video’s either.

When trying to make sales or get sign ups from
a website –

The ONE thing that matters more than any other is…




The right words on a page will do all the convincing
to a customer, that they will benefit from, and
find value in clicking that submit button!
And you WILL get sales and sign ups.

So many people seem to put emphasis on way too many
other things…
But if your sales message sucks – so will everything

So how do you go about writing good copy ?

I’ve seen so many conflicting offers and advice,
that I thought I’d share some tips.

After all we could ALL do with help in this area.

People, allow me to introduce you to a lovely
salesman’s assistant.

as she is known in sales circles, is a lady who
will help you get the sale!

Her name is an acronym for…






You may even have heard of her before,
Here’s where some people seem to go slightly off
course with her.

First thing is to Grab the readers Attention,

I think may people realise this and do make an
effort, But – often we see the same old headlines
and adapt them to try and grab Attention.

Fair enough, just make sure it’s also related and
not totally misleading, as so many can be.


Next is Interest.

They then go on to mention the problems their target
faces, or tell a story of what happened to them and
how they overcame their issue with xyz product –
thereby generating Interest!

After all – if you can tell a story and show how
Product XYZ generated the results others are hoping
to get, then it’s only natural that folks would be


Here’s where I see many going wrong….
the D for..


What I see a lot of is a list of bullets of features
of their product, And it’s easy to understand why a
creator would think his features are the big selling
point of his product…

But they’re not!

The Desire for the buyer is meant to Build their
Desire to wanting the product.
So don’t focus on features – focus on benefits…


That said I believe it would help to expand on that
further – as anyone who’s never sold could be forgiven
for believing that for example “push a button and
get 1000 hot keywords instantly” is a benefit…

It’s not – it’s still just a feature!

To truly build desire for a product and arrive at
the real benefit here’s my tip –


Write your benefit then tell it to yourself
If you say
‘Ah Right, that’s great’, then you may have a

If on the other hand you can say – ‘So What’
– you’re still at another feature.


So the real benefit of buying xyz isn’t to generate
1000 hot keywords – it’s to allow for quality time
to spend with your kids in the park on Sunday,
Or to maximise your income potential by allowing for
more time to promote or send out JV proposals etc…


Time Saving is nearer the benefit.
So Desire is to create the desire for your product,
the ‘What’s In It For Me’ … why I must have this


Then obviously the A is for Action,

Which is your call to action – why now this minute,
and again a sustainable reason as to why now.
And do be careful to justify the reasons…try not
to ‘pretend’ it’s limited if it’s not etc.


So that’s AIDA,

She can be a very helpful lady, but as
with all Ladies – she must be treated with respect 😉


Just before I finish up ……
Another old saying among salespeople is to
“Sell the Sizzle – Not the Steak”


That may remind you of benefits …… no one buys a
steak because it’s a big lump of dead flesh that
will fill your stomach…

…They buy the aroma,… the tender succulent
morsels practically melting in your mouth,…

That gorgeous sound of the steak Sizzling on the
hot plate, making you salivate at the very thought
of cutting into it, watching it’s juices spill out,
etc. etc.


I do hope my introducing Aida helps you and gives
you food for thought next time you’re writing your
own copy, be it a sales page, a promo email, blog post
or an auction listing.
(Do feel free to let me know 🙂

– And do share this if you found it useful!)


Warm Regards



P.S. If you really want to get stuck in to Creating and
Selling products online, here is a free workshop that
may help:
(At the end of the workshop – there’s an opportunity to
join a coaching program where your mentors not only show
you how to create a sustainable business online – But
ALSO promote the products you create during the coaching!
To GUARANTEE you make sales!)

    9 replies to "The *ONE* Thing that makes the sale!"

    • Kev

      Nice write up Randy,

      I especially like Aida, I may have to ask her out on a date …
      I am basically struggling with traffic but I am sure it will come.
      Keep up the blog as I do enjoy your posts.

      Kev Spence.

    • True gold as always, Randy. It’s always good to be reminded that our emails and website content should be user-focused and created their wants, needs, likes and dislikes in mind.

      Thanks for the re-introduction to AIDA. 🙂

    • Hello Randy,

      Loved the post! Even though I’ve been an advertising copywriter for almost 30 years, I’m always interested in learning new writing strategies or picking up nuggets of useful knowledge. I gotta admit, I’ve never heard of the Aida anacronym. What a great way to remember a simple strategy. Do you mind if I share it on my Facebook page? Of course you don’t!

      One other thing I might add is to know who you’re target is, and write to them as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation over coffee. You and I discussed this over the phone last week and I really think it’s always an import element for good copy. Thanks again Randy!

      Cheers my friend!

    • Thank you, extremely helpful Randy – The writing is certainly all important and AIDA will be a great reminder when structuring posts – When I forget to mention what I’m selling I know I’m on the right track – but then I forget to share as well. So many stages to remember.

    • Thank you for penning this post. A study in its own right. My drafts, in whatever format, will be subject henceforth to what I choose to call “Randy’s Steak and Sizzle” test.

    • Great article Randy. Now I want a steak. Thaaanks Raaaandy. Lol.
      I LOVE AIDA. I’m with Kev, I should have been dating her awhile ago. I took your advice and started watching how you write Randy. ( I haven’t forgotten that you write for John) This was definitely a class on how to write a post.
      You have a unique gift for thinking outside the box that is a great asset to have. I will be sharing it my friend.
      Nice job Brother.

      P.S. As you can see, I also took your advice and got a new domain name.

    • Hi Randy,

      I am going to borrow AIDA from you. Awesome tip and I love the part about the focus ought to be on the benefits and not the features of the product. That was gold.

      Wow. So much food for thought. Thanks again for the value that you continue to share.

      You’re a superstar Randy.

    • I love most of your daily smiles and also appreciate your family updates. I am working on getting my emails to be more approachable and open like yours are. Am only a few weeks into mailing my still very small list but I figure now’s the time to get this started. Thanks as always for your suggestions, reviews, and smiles!

    • This couldn’t have been more correct – we sometimes worry about so many things that we forget the most important ones. It’s all about the written message after all. 🙂

      I’ve been using AIDA for months and have seen a definite increase in the quality of my copy (from emails to blog posts).

      Thank you for sharing, Randy!

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