Todays ‘TechyRamble’ is to answer a readers
question, I have a freebie I sent to my
subscribers a month ago, and another link
to download some videos too.

Basically, Rob asked if I had any info or
training on what to do with the weekend free
downloads I send?
(If you’re not getting them – Hit the Subscribe
link in the menu at the top)

The obvious short answer would be to:
‘Get them online,
build your list and make sales!’

Easier said that done…lol

But just in case you too were wondering or
asking a similar question when you see these
every weekend,
I hope this lot helps…

First Up,
My report on how to use Filezilla to FTP
to your sites.

Go Here:
Easy FTP in Just A Day

And EITHER – Grab the MaterResellRights to use this
to sell, or giveaway to build your list, it’ll only
cost you 9bucks.
OR – SCROLL to the bottom of the page, click
“No thanks – I’ll take the personal use only edition”
And get the personal use of it FREE 🙂

If you prefer to WATCH video to see what to do and
how etc. – here’s another OLD link (2010… crikey)
Of me using a free html editor to create, and then ftp
to upload, a very basic site, and connecting the
dots/downloads etc.

Go here:
ExampleVideo of Page Creation+

Click the Smiley (or pay me a dollar), 😉 – Seriously,
Click the Smiley to get to the next page, the payment
button is part of the example for your benefit,
NOT to grab a dollar from you.

That will take you to two videos, albeit long, but
fully detailed of creating pages, uploading, and adding
a download etc.
So if you happen to have products from MoreMoneyMonthly,
or from the Free Weekend Downloads, and didn’t know how to get
them online to build your list or makes sales,
I’m hoping these freebies will help 🙂

ALSO – If it’s a PLR freebie, and you wanted to
know a little more about creating products using
PLR, here is a page that has another free download
for you.
(A series of videos on ‘Easy Product Creation’
using PLR)

Just scroll to the ‘Download’ button 🙂
Download Easy Product Creation Video Series

Finally, if you wanted to see more details and specific
videos on Hosting/Wordpress/cPanel/FTP/Using clickbank or
JVZoo, Editing PLR list building and MUCH MUCH MORE…

Then the small one time investment of 20bucks, to access
Newbie Lessons Mega Tutorials of over 380 videos may be
a very wise decision 🙂


OK – Rather a lot of links,
so as usual, only check the ones that will help you 🙂


    2 replies to "What & How To – For that PLR You Have, But Never Got Around To Using!"

    • Thanks Randy great post good information . Nice looking blog site also.

    • I have never sold the PLR product as is. What I do is use it as an outline for my own product. The chapters of the eBook are usually a good starting point for your outline. You will find some PLR is good and others not so. Take it as a starting point and make everything your own.

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