I figured I’d have a little ramble today.

Not because I still haven’t found time
to review products and grab an affiliate link,
But more because I’m late in the day writing
and sending this.

I’ve actually taken most of the day off and
been out with my Wife and Girls to the shops.
I played driver, payer, bag carrier as usual,
while they all bought some new stuff to make
them feel like we’ve had a fun day.

(We needed one with all the stress of delays
from Builders, Accountants, Partners, well just
about everything I’m not personally in control of!)

This came about after a chat I had with a friend
and fellow ‘Yorkshire Hippy Marketer’ Tony Shepherd.
(If you’re not on Tony’s lists – go look him up)

The long and short of it, and the advice part,
comes from a reminder of why I love Tony and his
Style of doing things.

With all the crazy growth and extra hours of our own
business, then the full run down of what’s going on
in my life, and why Simon and myself are splitting
up in terms of him taking over Mediakettle, and me
doing my own thing. (Which we will detail once the
legal paperwork is done)

One Major part of all that, is that when Simon and
myself first teamed up, we both stated our objectives.

* He wanted to build big and make millions
(or thereabouts)

* While I just wanted to be FREE!
And to me being FREE involves being able to work when
I want and take time out with my family as and when
I feel like it to a large degree!

Hence when I spotted Tony online, I arranged a call
to catch up with him, as we haven’t spoken for a good
few months. (Good chat this morning Tony if you’re reading,
and I’m glad you got some ideas too) šŸ™‚

OK – I’m getting to the point of todays ramble, and
it’s something I’ve taken from a chat I had with Tony,
believe it or not – around 10 or more years ago!

At the time Tony made a big deal about asking

“What’s Your Freedom Number?”

All I’ll say about mine is – it’s a LOT Smaller than
Simons, and hence some of the decisions we’ve taken.

In terms of how Tony phrased it.

It’s the amount of income needed to pay all those
monthly bills, add to your savings, and even have
a little excess just to ‘P up agin the wall’
(as we’d say)

Financial planners would say you’d need xxx million
in the bank in order to have the interest pay out
that freedom number.
Meaning you could do nothing, still pay your bills,
and have that spending cash without worry or concern.

Tony’s lesson was that You DID NOT Need xxx Million in
the bank!

In fact – All you need is a recurring income stream,
that requires very little work to maintain, and once
achieved, would grant the equivalent lifestyle as though
you had xxx millions paying you interest.

So it could be that just a couple or more thousand monthly
recurring income streams, would equal the amount made by
having that large deposit in the bank.

Hence – if we reach our freedom number – it’s the same
as being a millionaire in terms of what/how much we can
spend without affecting the capital.

And the BIG (and highly motivating) surprise for most folks,
Is that our Freedom number isn’t that Huge!

And due to our Internet Marketing World, is actually,
and often EASILY reachable.

To take it a little further,

Tony even did what I do a lot, and broke it down into
smaller bite sized chunks.
He would suggest starting with a total freedom number.
Then breaking that down into individual bills.

For Example – how much is the electricity bill, or the
car payment, or rent/mortgage etc.
Then work towards JUST getting that one bill paid each
and every month.
Then add another, and another etc.
Until you reach the Total Freedom number.

I always did like Tony’s approach šŸ™‚
If you know of him, you’d understand. If not – as I said,
go look him up and get on his lists.
Plenty of humour, yorkshireness, and some language.
But a great bloke who lives life on his own terms, and
enjoys the freedoms it brings.

So that’s my ramble today, and your food for thought
is of course…
‘What IS YOUR Freedom Number?’






P.S. If you are serious about working towards earning

“Your Freedom Number” – The do make time to watch this

Free Training – then consider the coaching offered at the end.



    1 Response to "What’s Your Freedom Number?"

    • Thank you Randy for this post. I can really take this advice and implement it in to my own budgeting plans as I live presently month to month my my bills.
      Ad I too have been on Tony Shepherd email list for a few years and is a sound fella I think to.
      I will be taken this advice and writing a blog post for my own site. I hope you don’t mind? with a link back to your blog of course.
      Thank you Randy

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