Another Ramble 🙂 – about FOCUS.

Does it really matter what you focus on?

I think it does, and I’d like to explain
why, Hopefully it may make a difference
to your general day to day stuff, and better
yet – your overall life’s happiness 😉

You’ve probably seen the many many mentions
of ‘The Secret’ and the ‘Law of Attraction’
etc, and some believe in it wholeheartedly
whilst others thinks it a total croc!

But one aspect of the whole concept is
that we ‘Get what we Focus on’.

A classic example would be the fact that
‘Mother Theresa’ would always decline any
invitation to attend Anti-War rallies and
marches, because she believed that the focus
was on WAR… and that would perpetuate war,
which does seem to continue!

However she would gladly attend pro-peace
marches. – They had their focus on PEACE!

You see the general rule is that what we
focus on most of the time comes true in our

That’s why focusing on the things we don’t
want actually makes those things come true.

Or at least – so it would seem.


This seems MORE True for me at this moment,
as I caught myself FOCUSING on all the delays
in getting our new house ready to move into.
Delays on the Bathroom refurb, delays on the
Kitchen replacement, Delays on getting the
decorating complete, Delays on sorting and
getting rid of excess ‘stuff’ we wont have
room for…
The list goes on, and SURE ENOUGH, We are
delayed and behind on it all!

Now Where was my FOCUS again?
(A timely reminder to myself to focus on the
completion of it all, and making that happen!)


So my suggestion is that we make a conscious
effort to focus on what we DO WANT, rather than
all the crap we have to get through and the
things that seem not to go our way.

If nothing else, You should start feeling better
because you’ll notice the GOOD THINGS more, so
psychologically speaking – you will then FEEL
BETTER about yourself and life in general.

I’ve tried to keep this brief – so I do hope
I’ve put it across in such a way as to give you
food for thought?

Let’s just sneak in one more example to see if
it helps you or anyone you know.

Everyone seems to have Debts and Bills of one
form or another. And for many – they can be a worry!

Hence we tend to focus on the LACK OF CASH to clear

So where does that lead?

Well if our minds are focused on the lack of cash…

Is that not what we are then attracting?

So how about we focus on Finding Extra Cash!

Instead of focusing on the LACK – we focus on FINDING.

Could that then help our minds spot opportunity’s to
Things we may have missed with the other mindset
of Lack?

Or put it another way – Could it do us any harm?
To focus on FINDING instead of LACK – I don’t see how.
What about you?

So how about we give it a try…

In terms of your life in general – stop focusing
on the things that go wrong, and focus on what’s
gone great…

Focus on where you want things to be heading, focus
on what you need to do – to learn etc. in order to
take that next positive step…… keep focusing on the
good and see if it doesn’t lead to more good 😉

Negatives and crap are always around anyways.
So how about You and I just let it pass, do what needs
doing to sort it, and move on… and keep the focus


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