It time for another Ramble from Randy,
And today I’m asking Does Size Matter?

It’s not just a post for about male readers!
Or one for female readers to comment on. haha

And for those with the dirty minds, contact me
privately, I know we’d get on…lol

I’m talking about Pond Size!

There are expressions about being a
‘Big Fish in a Small Pond’

And at the other extreme,
A ‘Small Fish in a Big Pond’

Both of which relate to the size of the
marketer,and the size of the market they
trade in.

Some marketers are happy to be a small fish
in a very big pond, as that would usually
indicate that there are plenty of customers
for everyone, even if they aren’t a brand
leader or industry giant.

And likewise – some would prefer to be the big
fish in their own small pond, cornering the whole
of their market of something with a Far Smaller
customer base – but also very profitable.

E.G. “To’ak Vintage 2014 Cognac Cask
Matured 3 Years Chocolate Bar (50g)”
at £400.00

I’ll stick to Yorkies at 3 bars for a £1

It would be easy to assume that the £400 bar of
choccy would allow for a large advertising budget,
And have far less competition of sellers trying to
find customers for it.

And viewing those sort of stats, most newbies
to online marketing would probably give up
without trying, because how are we supposed
to compete with the likes of ‘Harrods’ and their
advertising budgets?

So now what?
Do we check other small niches for an untapped

Maybe we create our own niche and try to get
people interested in something ‘No One’ is
Maybe we create a ‘Yellow Spotted Daschund’?
(Well google did return some results…lol)

Then again – I’m sure some smart marketer has
already searched for every obscure niche we
could think of, and already checked on it’s
profitability and the budgets required to
make a decent Return On Investment!

So if Big Ponds require Large Budgets and a lot
of work to break into and make a profit with,
what’s a newbie marketer to do?

In Internet Marketing Terms, Most newbies have
heard of most of the big names in their niche,
and even if they haven’t, a few minutes wasted
on social media will soon target us with adverts
and ‘sponsored’ listings, showing us who the guys
with all the cash are!

And we soon learn that they have a lead magnet
to capture our email address (or a messenger bot
these days).
Then they hit us with more and more value until
we get to the MEGA price tag of their personal

Which brings be back to What Fish you want to be,
and which pond to set your sights on?

If it’s obvious we can’t compete in a Big Pond
without already being a BIG FISH.

Then we could market to the Big Pond and settle
for the scraps off the table of the Big Fish.
(Which could still amount to a LOT of money
for a little fish!)

OR – We could set out to be a Big Fish in our
own self built Small Pond!

That way – we are not competing with Big Fish,
but it may take a while to build our own
smaller ponds!

It does leave a lot of new marketers wondering
how they’re supposed to compete and build a
following, when they are still learning from
their own mentors – who may or may not be BIG Fish
already, but are certainly bigger fish that the
newbie starting out.

Where the heck are you going with this Randy?

OK – The reason for writing such a weird post, is
that I consider myself a reasonable sized fish,
in my own little pond.
I’ve jumped ponds on occasion over my years in
the online marketing industry, and done OK with
the scraps left over by the really Big Fish.

(Launches and products sales of half a million
dollars sound BIG to me – but are still small
fry when compared to those guys like John Reece
who did a Million in a day, or John Crestani
who runs multiple 7-fig YT campaigns, And have
you seen what the guys who own Viddyoze have
done? – + $20,000,000.00 in Sales + 100,000
Active Users + $500,000.00 in ONE Affiliate
Makes my biggest ever launch look like nothing!

And yet I sit here typing with a very comfortable
income, and a lot of respect from those who ask
for my help!

So does size matter – and what can we do about it?

FINALLY Randy – The Advice Part! (LOL)

OK – I’m not about to call myself any sort
of Fish!
But the program I help out with,
has lead to many many newbies becoming very
successful in their own right.
And far be it for me to decide what levels of
income of other marker, they consider to be

Here’s how I explain to our members how to build
their own following and generate a full time
income online.

And forgive the analogy if you’re young!
(You may wonder WHO or What the heck I’m talking

I watched a movie ‘hundreds of years ago’ when I was
a child, To be more accurate, my Mother watched the
movie as she was a fan of Fred Astaire.

It was so long ago – I can’t remember the title or
full plot.

The the main takeaway was this:

The character played by Fred was a guy who wanted
to learn how to dance.

He saw lessons advertised in a local village hall,
and joined to learn, paying 6p a lesson!
(Told you it was very old!)

The long and short of it was,
He really enjoyed learning to dance – but that
6p coming out of his weekly wages was a lot of

So in order to be able to afford to continue his
lessons, he inquired as to how much the hall was to
hire, and on learning it was 1p for an afternoon,
he asked if he could offer dance lessons on Thursday

Naturally the lady who did the bookings, explained
that they already had someone offering dance
lessons on a Tuesday for 6p!

To which Fred replied, yes, But for those who can’t
stretch to 6p, I’d like to offer lessons for just 2p!

Well it turns out that a lot of folks would have
loved to learn, but couldn’t afford the 6p.

However, at 2p they booked and his classes were
sold out.

The nutshell was that he Went to lessons on a Tuesday,
then taught what he had learned on Thursdays to his
class of 2p buyers!

Meaning he could continue his own dance education,
whilst passing on what he had learned his grateful
students a couple of days later, and leaving a
profit for him to start building an income of his

How this applies to Internet marketing.

In online terms, we see so many Gurus offering to
show us WHAT and HOW to do what they do, in order to
get to their 50k a month level or more.


So many of us have our own glass ceilings!
in terms of what We BELIEVE we are able to achieve.

That to even think about earning 50K monthly, maybe
even 10K monthly etc./ is WAY WAY Above what we
think is even possible for US!

And hence – we go looking for someone who is doing,
making, achieving, etc. a target that is still
within our own level of belief!
(Someone who will just honestly share something
that works)

Many many people are just looking for something
to do to generate an extra few hundred to make those
car payments.
Or an extra couple of hundred to save for a vacation.
Maybe a couple of thousand to help out with their
retirement funds.

So instead of trying to convince people who work
40+ hours a week to earn a couple of hundred dollars
after taxes, that they too can be Gurus making 50K a


I coach our members to just make a start, and
keep on keeping on until they make a profit.
When that profit is a dollar, and rises to 10 dollars,
then 100 dollars, and continues to 1000 dollars etc.

At each point if they stay honest with what they’re
learning, what they’re making, how they are progressing
achieving things they never believed possible…

They will notice that others who have their own glass
ceilings are attracted to them.

Why would I want to follow a 50K a month marketer?
I just need someone to show me how to make my
first $10, Then my first $100, my first $1000!

And before they know what’s happening, if they
continue to learn, and continue to share what and
how they have learned, and applied to their business,
they discover they have a loyal following, rising
with them, making progress themselves, and staying
loyal to the guy who showed them that first dollar
of profit.

So to me – the answer is clear.
Size (of pond or fish) Does Not Matter!

It’s how you treat the other fish who swim around
Those who are worried about the sharks out there,
and appreciate a slightly bigger fish – even if
only a week or two ahead in their learning, helping
and showing them discoveries, that will help the
other little fish.

So I hope you now believe me when I tell Size is
It’s what you do (with it);) That counts.

I ALSO hope you noticed that throughout this post,
I’ve made mention of people being GENUINE and Honest.

Which touches a little on another topic I see
discussed OFTEN!

Do you have to Tell Lies?
To Fake it – Until you make it?
To Pretend you are doing 10K monthly, when you’re
actually struggling to make $100?

And my answer to that is NO!
Fake it til you make it APPLIES to Attitude!

To Act Enthusiastic – Until You Become Enthusiastic!
To Believe you are Successful – Until It’s Proven
to be the case!

Which leads me to a report I’ve written that
I’ll be including in a course I’m working on.

But as a stand alone – it may well help a lot of
my readers, and I promised to share it once it was

So if you’re here reading this,
Feel free to download my report:
Salesmanship OR Lies









Oh and a repeat of a free webinar run by my
friend John, whose program it is that I’m involved
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(It’s actually a free training webinar with a
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Check that here:

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As always – I hope you found this useful,
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    10 replies to "How Big Is Your Pond, And Does Size Even Matter?"

    • Great article you wrote there, Randy. I like ethical business and it good to see someone saying right out front that you should be honest in all you do. Of course, as you point out, there is no need to cry “stinking fish” but you also show how to make the most of what you can truthfully say.

    • I really appreciate this post, Randy. I have wondered/worried about how to reconcile the little experience I have with the idea of teaching others, and this post (and in particular the movie reference) really has got me thinking in a different way than I have been.

      Thanks again!

    • You always make sense. What it all amounts to
      is chose a pot and put some meat into it and then
      add a few fillers: carrots, potatoes or if doing IM some
      videos and emails (if you have a list)

      Thanks again for Inspiration.

    • Great post Randy and yes it is so true – some people just want to know how to actually start earning a little bit. All the high level earners talk about tools and lists and what flippin kind of pages? Well thats all too much for most people just starting out!

    • Thanks Randy for a really extensive Ramble. This is my first time to your blog and now understand your approach much better. Agree with your premise that size doesn’t matter in this business. It is persistance and application that counts much more. Having a plan and mentor are valuable too.

      Really like the fact that you refer to honesty and integrity on the way through. In fact I’m hoping that one of the positive outcomes of the Covid-19 exercise is that people will be better atuned to the plight of others with more empathy as well.

      Your opening analogy of pond size made me smile and brought back memories of over 45 years ago in your part of the world. (Yes I know it reasonably well and was born somewhere off the Westgate Road) At the time I had a wife and two small children.

      Graduating from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne I had decided to return to Australia.
      Being in the maritime industry my tutor was very dubious about the decision.
      His exact words “You can either be a small fish in a big pond (UK) or a bigger fish in a much smaller pond.”
      Although his advice was no doubt well intended, it didn’t take into consideration the intangible benefits of the smaller pond like less competition, better weather, more space and some family connections.

      The smaller pond served me well for 50 years and I don’t regret the choice.
      Others starting their online journey can heart that, as you say, pond size just doesn’t matter. In fact there are intangible benefits to that too. Just keep moving ahead towards your goal

    • Hi Randy, this my first time visiting your blog. As I was on a webinar training with John Thornhill and your self and you told the story of the dancer, which I enjoyed hearing from you and along with alot more excelent advice and training advice given by both of you.
      I’m going back over my P2S training and updating my blog this week on top of going through the Ambassator training. Then I be going through the traffic methods that I have learnt along the way.
      So I am a small newbie fish going to build my own big pond as I go through my new training.
      Thanks for your helpfull advice.

      • Hi! I’m another JT student, and I’m also going back through the training, gearing up my blog; trying to be consistent. Keep pushing.

    • Thanks Randy for another stellar post. I loved the analogy and thankfully I’m glad being in a pond one can still make a splash and that’s important.
      I’m going to subscribe and continue to absorb the value you share.
      Thanks again,

    • First time on your blog!

      And it didn’t disappoint,
      What a fantastic post Randy, made me laugh a few times. I loved the story from the Fred Astaire film, also heard you tell it in one of the training webinars. Its genius really!I’m only 6 days into The Partnership to Success Program and have made more progress in 6 days than I have in the last three years on my own. Little fish in a big pond is right! It’s amazing to find really genuine people who really care about helping people who are just starting out to succeed and that’s exactly what you get from yourself John and Alex. Integrity in life is so important and for me one of the biggest keys to success. And you guys deliver it in abundance!!!

      I love your style of writing,
      So you have yourself a new stalker!
      Oops I mean follower 🙂

      Thanks Again Randy
      I’m off to read
      Salesmanship OR Lies

    • Hi Randy,

      I was drawn in by the title of this article. I touched on it on a recent post of mine, but didn’t go into nearly as much depth as you. My comment was along the lines of, find a different product or find a different audience. It’s a similar idea. Then you went down the road of real vs expectations. I’m telling my tribe to expect a lot of hard work. Focus on that. Don’t get distracted by the fancy house or cars. And then you talked about how we treat each other, which I agree with 100%. We really aren’t all talking to the same people. I’m sure we have some overlap, but people respond to our communication style. Excellent thougts. Thanks for sharing.

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